Dreams of a goathead free Treasure Valley becomes a reality starting June. Thats right... goathead collection begins this Saturday! This year we want to collect 8000lbs and you can help us make that happen!

Goathead Pulling: From June 1st - July 31st we are encouraging everyone in the Treasure Valley to pull as many Goathead plants as possible! Bags can be weighed and dropped off at North End Organic Nursery during any of their open hours.

Kindness Pulling: On June 22nd we are encouraging Neighborhood Associations, Nonprofits, Clubs, Businesses, and Teams to participate in a one day concentrated effort to be in community with each other while eliminating as many goatheads from their neighborhoods as possible. Goatheads cause flat tires that disconnect families from their community, they get stuck in puppy paws, and they drown out native plants. Pulling these pesky nutlets is truly an act of kindness that serves the entire community. Special drop off location and Pulling Party at Payette Brewing from 11-7pm on June 22nd only.

Awards and Celebration: Pick up your awards and prizes at Boise Goathead Fest on August 2nd and 3rd. Winners announced at 3pm on August 4th at the Mainstage.


  • 30 lbs = 1 beer or ice cream token

  • 60 lbs = 1 beer or ice cream token

  • 90 lbs = 1 beer or ice cream token

  • 100lbs = 1 Authentic BGF “100lbs Club” Collector’s Prize

  • Most Picked Individual = Trophy, Secret Prize

  • Most Picked Team = Pizza Party!

  • Most Picked Neighborhood = Trailer BBQ or neighborhood cleanup, bikes for kids mobile fix-it


We got your back! Check out our map below to find identified Goathead Hotspots and the location of North End Organic Nursery, our primary drop off location.




  • Gloves

  • Heavy duty trash bag (here's a favorite)

  • Carpet square (optional, but very helpful)

  • Hori Hori tool for really hard ground (optional, but very helpful, available at North End Organic Nursery)


  • Pull from the center and remove the entire plan and its taproot. If the taproot breaks off, that's ok.  If ground is extremely hard, use something similar to the Hori Hori tool to cut the plant off at the taproot. Be careful not to let any of the goatheads shake loose and fall to the ground.

  • Carefully put the entire plan and its attached nutlets into the garbage bag

  • Check the ground for loose goatheads. Sweeping or patting the ground with a carpet square is a good way to pick up any rogue goatheads

  • Check your shoes and bike tires to make sure you're not spreading goatheads to a new location

  • Seal/tie the bag and make sure it doesn't break open during transportation

  • Repeat till the bag/s are full and drop them off a the locations below  

  • *Do not bring goatheads to the park on Aug 2-3