volunteering is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

From wrenching on bikes, helping out at events, assisting with programs, and working on special projects, our volunteers are essential to BBP's success!  There is a place for everyone, regardless of skills or experience. The only prerequisite is a desire to make Boise (and the world) a better place! Last year in 2018, we had 767 volunteers contribute over 4,800 hours of service.

If you are interested in volunteering as a group, the best way will be to pay attention to our events schedule, as this is the easiest way to accommodate large numbers. If you have an idea for something outside the box or have other questions about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Sam@boisebicycleproject.org and they will get you dialed in.


Your first step into joining our volunteer community is to attend a MANDATORY Volunteer Orientation (sign-up below). This will allow you to learn about the BBP, our programs, and ways to get plugged into them. We welcome any volunteer of any age, any skill level, and any background.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you hope to get out of your volunteer experience at BBP. If you want to learn a new skill, great! If you have skills you'd like to offer, that's great too. We need your help!

Volunteer Orientations are typically the 1st Tuesday (5:30-6:00pm) and 3rd Saturday (10:30-11:00am) of the month.


Your second step is to SIGN UP (REQUIRED) for a volunteer shift. We want to provide a hands on learning experience through an ideal volunteer-staff ration beneficial to you. Knowing who to expect allows this to happen. Read the shift description and notes for all the information applicable to that particular job.

Click the “Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities” tab below AND/OR sign up for our BBP Experience newsletter to stay current on how to get involved.

*You will be asked to fill out a one-time volunteer profile before signing up for a shift*

*Shifts will disappear once they become full*

step 3:

Come to your volunteer shifts!

Make new friends!

Learn new skills!





Volunteers make our wheels and programs turn here at BBP. So, naturally we want to invest in your experience and education. Insert our Volunteer Pathways.

What is it, you ask? Volunteer Pathways is an educational opportunity that allows you to invest in yourself and the organization. This idea for a pathway — to grow volunteer ambassadors, teachers, and mechanics — was created by volunteers who are passionate BBP and the volunteer experience.

There will be ongoing opportunities to earn certifications in Take-a-part (pulling, saving and reusing useable parts), Wheels, Kids Bike Repair, and Adult Bike Repair. Each certification will be a multi-week class-series taking place on Tuesdays.

Follow this up by sharing your knowledge on our regularly schedule Volunteer Nights on Thursday.

Click the tab below for more detailed information, benefits, and requirements on our Volunteer Pathways.




Learn more about BBP and ways to get involved in detail through our Volunteer Handbook.

In it you’ll find an overview our mission, expectations as volunteers, and some of the common opportunities for new volunteers!

The Volunteer Orientation will cover what’s in the handbook, so we encourage you give a glance before heading into one.