Donating Bikes and Parts


As a part of our mission, we function as a donation and recycling center. Your generous donations support every aspect of what we do. Please read below for descriptions of donations we do and do not accept, donation policies and FAQs.


We Accept:

  • All types of bikes (road, hybrid, mountain, bmx, tandem, etc)

  • All sizes of bikes (adult, child)

  • Bike parts of any kind

  • Tools of any kind

  • Accessories in good condition (helmets, bike pumps, lights, locks, racks, baskets)

  • Gently used cycling clothing and shoes

  • Old (clean) tee shirts and dish towels that we can turn into rags for our shop

  • Used plastic grocery store bags. Have a stash hanging around that you don’t know what to do with? We’ll re-use them for shop purchases!

  • Financial donations

  • Wishlist items

Donation Guidelines and What We Won’t accept

  • Please do not leave donations when we aren’t open. What may seem like a convenient move for you creates a lot more work for us.

  • Please do your best to clean your donations of visible debris before donating. Donating extremely dirty bikes (covered in mud, dirt, grass or hay) hinders our processing abilities and puts the “dirty work” on us. Tip: you can clean your donation quickly with a garden hose or a household rag and some glass cleaner.

  • Bulk bicycle donations (more than 5 bikes at one time) must be approved ahead of time. We have limited storage space, and calling to verify a large donation of bicycles helps us prepare space. Please call our shop at 208-429-6520 for questions about bulk donations before you come to donate.

    As a general guideline, we accept bicycles and bicycle related items. These items best serve our mission and the work we do. We do not accept the following items:

  • Scooters

  • Anything motorized

  • Exercise equipment or bike trainers

  • Jogging strollers

  • Car racks that are missing pieces (if we can’t sell it as a fully functioning rack, please do not donate it). We may refuse a car rack donation if we do not have the space to house it.

  • Trailers that are missing hitches (if we can’t sell it as a fully functioning trailer, please do not donate it). We may refuse a trailer rack donation if we do not have the space to house it.


  • When can I donate? See our donation location and times below.

  • Will BBP pick up my donation? We do not offer donation pick up.

  • How will I know my donation will be accepted? We are proud of our commitment to refurbish, reuse, or recycle the bikes and parts that are donated to BBP. We do our very best to accept every single donation that comes our way. We are so lucky to have a community that believes in what we do, so we are never strapped for bike donations. On the contrary, unfortunately there are times when we simply do not have the capacity to take on more donations. In this circumstance, we reserve the right to turn away bulk donations of 5 bikes or more. We understand that it is not always easy to to determine the condition or quality of your donations. Our staff is here to do that for you. If we are unable to accept your donation, we will provide you with suggestions for what to do with it.

  • Can I get a tax receipt for my donation? Yes! We provide tax receipts when you make your donation.


What happens to my bike donation once I leave it at BBP?

Whenever possible, we refurbish your bike(s), allowing us to get quality, affordable bikes back out into our community. We sell both refurbished adult and kids bikes of all kinds in our shop. We also donate refurbished kids bikes during our monthly B.A.S.H events and our Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway.

There is a small percentage of refurbish-able bikes that we choose not have our staff refurbish, but that we sell as Project Bikes. These bikes have potential for the right individuals who want to invest a little time, money and elbow grease into refurbishing them. Project Bikes are great options for our Adult Work/Trade program.

When we can’t refurbish a donated bike, we will reuse any parts that are still functional. These parts get added to bikes we do refurbish, or they get sold in our parts room, supporting the DIY nature of our bicycle cooperative.

Sometimes we receive bikes that are beyond practical use or repair. We recycle these bicycles and put the small income earned from our recycling partner into our programming.




We accept donations Wednesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm. We accept donations at the back entrance of our shop, in the alley between Royal Blvd and Island Ave.

Do not leave donations when we aren’t open. What may seem like a convenient move for you creates a lot more work for us.

Along with your donation, we can provide you with a tax receipt for everything you brought it.

At times of dangerous or extreme weather (100+ degree heat or hazardous air quality during fire season) we may suspend taking donation and will do our best to convey that information publicly.

We understand that you may have donations that you are simply unable to get to us. Stay tuned for announcements about seasonal bike drives with various donation locations.



Donation hours

Wednesday to Saturday: 11am-5pm