BBP's Annual Impact Meeting! What Will Happen? Will You Be There?


The Annual Impact Meeting (January 30th) is one of the most important days of the year at the Boise Bicycle Project. Not only is it a preview of the year ahead, it is an opportunity to engage in shaping the plan.

So what should you expect, and what should you come prepared for?

Expect to be surrounded by BBP’s most passionate, engaged, and fun loving Members, Volunteers, and Supporters. Expect all the free vegan pizza you can handle. Expect a hot-off-the-press copy of our 2018 Annual Report. Expect a presentation for our 2019 plan of action. Expect and come prepared to breakout into groups to brainstorm how BBP can improve its Volunteer Orientation and Member’s Night experiences. And finally, expect to wrap things up with an all access Q and A session.

Our goal for the Impact Meeting is to leave you informed, prepared, and excited to take on the goals of 2019, and to explore ways to bring inclusivity, diversity, excitement, and REAL engagement into our Volunteer Orientations and Member’s Nights.

Whether you can make it to the meeting or not, we are trying to collect ideas, feedbacks, and metrics/demographics from our Members and Volunteers. The information and data you provide is extremely helpful in measuring our success from year to year and for creating baselines to build from. Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey below. We will pay you in free pizza at the event!

What: Annual Impact Meeting

When: January 30th (Wednesday) 6pm - 8pm

Where: Boise Bicycle Project (1027 S Lusk St. Boise 83706)

Why: Review 2018 Impact and help form a BBP plan of action for 2019

Who: All ages. BBP Members, Volunteers, Supporters.

Food and Beverage: Free Vegan Pizza & BYOB (adult beverages allowed)


  • 6:00pm - Free vegan pizza and social hour

  • 6:30pm - Annual Report and 2019 Goals Presentation

  • 7:00pm - Breakout Idea Session (How can we enhance BBP's Volunteer Orientation? How can we make weekly Members Classes even better).

  • 7:30pm Q and A time!

Bikes Beyond Boise!

Final count on kids’ Dream Bikes that BBP staff and volunteers gave away during our 2018 Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway and weeks following? 601! And this year, that blue and yellow “Made in the BBP” sticker traveled as far as the Boise, Bannock, and Owyhee counties!

I had the privilege to join BBP’s team in November as preparations for the 2018 HKBG were ramping up, taking the lead on family and non-profit outreach for the event. Historically, our Kids Bike Giveaways reach children in Ada and Canyon County. This winter, we wanted to share our resources—the fruit of love, labor, and donations from members and volunteers like you—with Idaho families a little (or a lot!) further from the city.

Boise County: Snow hit Idaho City hard a few weeks before our Giveaway, and thoughts of food and propane quite naturally replaced thoughts of bicycles. The heavy snowstorm prevented children from registering for a personalized Dream Bike, but we didn’t want the storm to be a reason why they couldn’t receive bicycles! The Resource Person for the Basin School District was equally on board, and this weekend she is picking up fifteen kids bikes from our remaining alternates to hold for her students until the snow melts.

Bannock County: In the process of inviting members of the Fort Hall Recreation Department to register for Dream Bikes, I learned that the center’s 15 kids’ bikes were stolen last summer! We quickly set aside another 15 bikes from our alternates to replenish their stolen bikes, so that the Recreation Department, which serves the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes outside Pocatello, could resume using the bikes for its youth programs.

Owyhee County: A three hour drive one way is a sound reason not to make it to the shop for our Giveaway, but a dedicated mother from the Duck Valley Tribes drove three children up to the BBP on December 15th to receive their Dream Bikes. We’re grateful to the Kessler-Keener Foundation, which works toward understanding between people of diverse cultural backgrounds, for our connection with the Newe-Numa Resource Program. We were honored and excited to give dream bikes to Noah, Aubree, and Stormy, and we hope we can reach more children from the Duck Valley Tribes next December!

Keep riding!

- Christa

In Tandem: Chats with BBP's Staff

Untitled design.jpg

There’s a special part of my week that consistently brings me joy. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the shop is closed; and the mechanic team and operating team work behind the scenes to prepare for the coming week. We have a beautiful mezzanine; and I love sitting perched above the mechanics, getting my work done and listening to them chat. There’s always a really collaborative conversation that ranges from things like music and movies, to weekend activities, to current events, to story sharing and everything in between. I really enjoy this special access I have to getting to know our mechanics better, and that’s what gave me an idea for a new, semi-regular blog topic. Today I’m introducing “In Tandem: Chats with BBP’s Staff.”

If there’s one guy who consistently cracks me up, it’s Yann Le Morvan. I took a few minutes to chat with Yann while he was facing a bottom bracket this Monday afternoon.

Yann grew up in suburban Paris. Chilly-Mazarin to be exact. Fun fact: Yann lived across the street from a fortified castle with a moat. I asked him if there were dragons, and unfortunately, there were not.

Yann’s interest in bike mechanics began around the age of 12, after he broke at least 3 headsets by doing the kind of riding I can only imagine he would have done as a young, untethered kid in France. Yann says he lived in the kind of town where you rode everywhere, so you had to know how to fix up your own ride if you were going to be able to get around. At 14, Yann began road racing; and his mechanics education moved from self-taught to more formal. (Fun fact: he once raced in the French National Championship).

I was very curious about how Yann found his way to Boise. In 2007, he came on a 3-month vacation with a friend whose dad lived here. He loved it and returned to live in 2010. He spent a year or so as a jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen at The Red Rooster restaurant (no longer open). In 2011, Yann’s BBP odyssey began when he started to volunteer regularly. He was officially hired in 2012 and has filled more roles than likely anyone else except maybe Jimmy. Yann’s been a BBP mechanic, a relationships specialist, the Youth Coordinator, and the Refugee Coordinator. Yann left BBP for a few years to accomplish other goals, and he rejoined our team last October. He’s in it for the long haul, and not just because I tell him he can’t leave. In watching Yann’s interactions in the shop, it’s so evident to me how much he loves this space, how much he values the relationships he has here, and how much he respects every person who walks through our doors.

I asked Yann about his favorite bike, and he said it’s hands down his Yamaguchi. It started as a custom lugged frame that he built himself. When we got to talking in more detail, I learned that Yann also loves Flight saddles. Here are some other fun facts:

Favorite band: Moondoggies

Favorite movie: Amélie

Favorite spot in Boise: The comfort of his own home or the foothills

Here is a not-at-all-comprehensive list of things we love about Yann: his hair, his accent, his confidence, and his attention to detail. Yann is a great educator, a great conversationalist, and a really fun guy to work with. He has a witty and sometimes biting sense of humor that I really appreciate. Most of all, I know that he cares about his peers and about the work he does. I’m so glad he’s back on team BBP.


Spread your lovin' for bikin' in February...

In December I worked my first event at BBP, Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. Its also our biggest event of the year, and this time we received a record breaking amount of Dream Bike drawings, 585!

It of course seemed overwhelming to begin at such a roller coaster point in BBP’s year, but there was something about that roller coaster that I knew I wanted to ride on, no, needed to ride. And so I hopped on and joined a rock star team that was dedicated to giving away 585 bikes.

And we did.

With the help of volunteers, staff, board members and community partners, we pulled off our biggest giveaway yet! I still find myself taken back by that day and everyone who made it happen. That day was civic engagement, it was kindness, it was Boise.

So what’s next?

Our BBP team has a gift for YOU. Consider it a love note of sorts, for all that you do for us. A love note to you, to bikes, to the Boise community.

What: Bikin’ 4 Lovin’... To the Moon and Back!

Who: Event is for singles, friends, couples, anyone 21+ that wants to share some love!

When: Friday, February 8th 2019, 6PM-9:30PM

Where: Boise Bicycle Project - 1027 S. Lusk Street & Spacebar Arcade - 200 N. Capitol Blvd


It’s the best time of the year to celebrate love, love of bikes and to mingle with others in our community.

This year will begin at BBP where we will be serving up FREE (with loving donations accepted!) beer thanks to Lost Grove and selling raffle tickets for some great prizes including two tickets to Story Story Night, a free BBP upcycled bike - guaranteed to wow your friends-, and more! Upon finishing the keg, we will gear up and bike to Spacebar!

  • 6PM: Meet at Boise Bicycle Project Shop (1027 S. Lusk Street, Boise) for a BYO Bike & Beverage Social Hour

  • 7PM: Grab your lights, bundle up and take a quick cruisin' ride to Spacebar where the night continues! Grab a drink, play some games, mingle away!

  • 8PM: Raffle winners announced!

21+ only | Proceeds Benefit Boise Bicycle Project

Stay Engaged, Boise.


The Year & Impact Ahead

Volunteers at the record setting 2018 Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway! Photo by Mo Valko

Volunteers at the record setting 2018 Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway! Photo by Mo Valko

2018 was a year of unprecedented impact and major growth at the Boise Bicycle Project. In historic BBP fashion, 2019 will be no less ambitious, and we thought we’d share our 2019 goals and a glimpse of the year to come. 

On January 30th, BBP will host its annual Impact Meeting, a gathering of BBP Members, Volunteers and Supporters, to unveil the 2018 Annual Report and talk through plans for 2019. If you are involved with BBP or considering becoming more involved, we ask that you put this date on the calendar and make it a priority. During the evening we will be equipping you with information to better advocate for BBP and bicycling in Boise, as well as asking for your help in solving a couple of key issues. There will also be free vegan pizza. 

Last week we shared a blog post/request to make it a resolution or goal to get more involved with the Boise Bicycle Project or another nonprofit in 2019. The post outlined an example of a strategic action plan that could help people work toward that resolution. When BBP sets goals for any given year, those goals are constructed within the framework of our own Strategic Plan to ensure we are always taking steps in the right direction. You can see that framework demonstrated below.

We hope that you can make it to the annual Impact Meeting this month, we hope that you’ve decided to include BBP or another nonprofit in your plans for the year ahead, and we hope you take some time to look at our goals below. Maybe there is something specific in there that you can play a magical part of.  

(a complete list of 2019 Goals will be available the annual Impact Meeting on Jan 30th at BBP)



  • Create and implement a weekly experience-driven communication/outreach plan for Volunteers and Members.


  • Expand Mobile Bike Repair impact with a goal of 40 stops averaging 15 kids per/stop

  • Donate 1000 bicycles to kids with 10% increased assistance from Shifting Gears programs

  • Make 600 Quality Affordable Adult Bikes, and 200 Quality Affordable Kids Bikes available for purchase

  • Implement a Point Earning System to increase Youth participation in shop activities


  • Incorporate a quarterly Employee Retention/Education/Investment Plan

  • Hire a Y-POP Coordinator

  • Incorporate a monthly Volunteer Growth, Metrics, and Acknowledgement Plan


  • Through Sponsorship, Grants and Donations, fully fund Boise Goathead Fest (August 2-3)


  • Implement a Donor → Member transition plan. Goal of 1000 active members by Dec 31 2019

  • Integrate Salesforce into Member / Supporter relations

  • Continue exploration and evaluation of additional space/processing needs

Thank you for riding with us in 2018 and for joining the pedal-powered odyssey ahead.

-Jimmy Hallyburton

Why does the shop floor look different?

Happy new year!

Back in October of last year, we began the process of overhauling our membership program. I messaged you hard about the importance of your membership and about the changes to come.

Let’s look back at the impetus behind the membership overhaul in the first place:

In an effort to increase inclusivity, equality, simplicity and sustainability at BBP, we are creating an overhauled membership program that enhances the BBP experience for all shop users. While prices for some members will increase, we believe additional payment options and benefits will increase overall accessibility and value for the program across the board.

After all of those messages I sent your way and the most successful membership drive we’ve ever had, I’m happy to share that as of January 1, BBP’s new membership program is live. Now each and every member at BBP is a BBP Official Member. So… now what?

In the shop. The biggest change inside our four walls is on the shop floor. The Century Ride bench has been converted into two, distinct benches; and there are now 6 member benches in the shop. We still have 2 walk-in benches; and anyone from the community can pay $12/hour to use the DIY shop. And we’re really excited about our extended volunteer area, with two complete benches, enough space to accommodate our incredible volunteers and our work/trade program.

Your membership dues. As with any big change, there will be some hiccups. Those of you who have opted to put your membership on auto-renew (thank you for making that commitment to us!) will need to create a new membership auto-renew agreement. This is because you would have had either an Alley Cat or a Century Ride membership, which no longer exist; and I don’t have the ability to roll your auto-renew settings over to the Official Membership. Thank you for your understanding.

In the Parts Room. The very nature of our donations policy means that the physical look and feel of our shop space will be ever-changing. It’s one of our most exciting and most challenging opportunities day in and day out. But we truly do have our members in mind when we make decisions about shop organization. We took a few days to reorganize our parts room before reopening for the year. You might feel a little disoriented during your fist visit to the parts room, but we’ll be here to help you find what you need. And we definitely want your feedback about what’s working in there and what’s not.

Member’s Classes. Last summer, we ran a survey asking for member input about Member’s Classes. The resounding feedback was to move Member’s Classes from Friday nights to Wednesday nights. So we did. And since then, our Member’s Classes attendance has been sluggish at best. We take some of the credit for this: since fall, our schedule has been inconsistent; and I’m sure it’s been a challenge for you to know if and when we were holding class. Beginning this Wednesday the 9th, we are committed to hosting our classes for the entire curriculum; and I would lovelovelove to see you in class. We can’t teach great classes if nobody comes. I promise, you’ll have fun, meet new friends, and learn a lot.

Your benefits. The website is up-to-date with all of your new membership benefits; and I can’t wait to work with you to make 2019 an amazing year.


Your Community Transforming Resolution?

BBP giveaway 2018 - 41.jpg

This is a snapshot of our beloved community. A timeless moment of kindness, community and hope from last month’s Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. Will you make a resolution to be part of this photo in 2019?

It’s officially 2019, and people around the world are making their New Year’s resolutions to "be better" to "improve" to "make changes." A resolution can be defined as the action of solving a problem and/or a firm decision to do or not to do something. For a lot of people a resolution can be a new start or a desire to make this year better than the last. Maybe a resolution is an action plan for hope.

In 2019, we're asking you to please make a resolution to get more involved with the Boise Bicycle Project or another nonprofit in your community.

"I (insert name) am making a choice to create a brighter future for myself, my neighbors, and my community by getting more involved with (insert nonprofit)"

Please consider putting that statement on the top of your resolution/goals list. Then create that "action plan for hope" by including some bullet points (examples below) to show when and how you will work toward that goal. Don't feel like you need to include everyone of these points, but maybe include at least 1 each quarter.

  • Today I will sign up for BBP's Free Spirit Newsletter and set aside this time to read it each week.

  •  Tomorrow I will share this post and my resolution with "this person" that I'd like to spend more time with!

  • This week I will sign up for a volunteer orientation!

  • In January I will go down to BBP and learn to fix my own bike!

  • In February I will go on BBP's Bikin' For Lovin' social ride and invite someone I care about!

  • By March I will save $100 to become a BBP member!

  • In April I will help donate bikes to kids from around the world!

  • In May I will ride my bike to work/school at least 3 times!

  • By June I will have volunteered at 4 volunteer nights!

  • In July I will collect 25 pounds of goatheads in one of BBP's impact neighborhoods!

  • In August I will ride with a friend in the Boise Goathead Fest parade!

  • In September I will help fix bikes for kids at one of BBP's mobile bike repair stops!

  • In October I will celebrate as a Member and Volunteer at BBP's Annual Appreciation Party!

  • In November I will fix a bicycle for a child in the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway!

  • In December I will look back at this picture and all of my new BBP pictures from 2019 and know I am a beautiful part of this Beloved Community!

Here's the link to subscribe to BBP's newsletter (Step 1).

While we hope BBP is the nonprofit you make part of 2019 resolutions, we've listed a few others and links to get involved below.

Thank you for riding with us in 2018!
Thank you for embarking on the odyssey ahead!

Artisans For Hope

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

KRBX, Radio Boise - 89.9/93.5 FM

Idaho Conservation League…/volunteer-opportunities/

The International Rescue Committee in Boise

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline

December Shop Update

This will be my first winter commuting to work on my bicycle, and I’ve been thinking for several months about how I’ll make my bike, and myself, winter-ride-ready. Luckily:

1) I have access to my friends and coworkers, our BBP mechanics, for their advice on how to prepare for winter riding. You do too!

2) Our shop is chock full of quality, affordable, used parts to winterize our rides.

3) I can order components and even some gear, like wool socks and winter gloves, through our shop vendors.

In the past, Century Ride members have been able to special order through our vendors (in the shop, with the assistance of a team member), and we applied their member discount upon payment.

With the Official Membership rollout coming in 2019, all members will receive this benefit.

For the remainder of this year, both Alley Cat and Century Ride member groups can place special orders through us and use their 10% or 15% discount upon payment. Consider this a great time to get winter gear for yourself and your bike, or to purchase holiday gifts for your BFFs.

Orders must be placed in the shop, during shop hours. For orders to arrive by our last day of operations (Saturday, December 22), all orders must be placed by Wednesday, December 19.

A reminder about Wednesday Night Member’s Classes:

Member’s Class is canceled next week on December 12. Our team will be hustling to prep for Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway.

Our final Member’s Class of 2018 is on December 19. We’ll round out the year with another Open Shop night.

Member’s Class will resume on Wednesday, January 9. We’ll begin our curriculum cycle from the start. Check our events calendar for weekly class topics.

Limited Edition BBP Beanies are here! Swing into the shop to get yours before we close for the year.

Lastly, we are hosting a progressive sale, Cousin Eddie’s Holiday Sale, Wednesday the 19th through Saturday the 22nd. I’m not kidding when I say that all inventory must go before we close our doors for the year. Read our newsletter or come back to this Shop Updates Page next week for the details.

It’s been such an awesome year here in the shop. Thank you for believing.


November Bike Sale!

Join us Saturday, November 17 from 11AM - 5PM for a Fall Bike Sale!

We have a large inventory of ReMade in the BBP and As-Is bikes, and we’re celebrating with a sale.

Members will receive 20% off bike purchases (incentive to join our membership program, no?). Non-members will receive 15% off bike purchases. BBP merchandise will be 25% off for everyone. Members, you’ll get your standard 10% or 15% discount on top of the sale discounts!

Our quality, refurbished bike prices are already the lowest in town. Come down on the 17th to take advantage of even lower prices.

If you can’t make the sale but want to take advantage of the deals before then, find this post on Instagram or Facebook, tag 2 people, and then show us the post on your phone. You’ll get the sale prices any time between now at November 17.

November Shop Update

Happy fall! I’ve been communicating regularly via email and social media about our 2018 Fall Membership Drive, which is currently in full effect. Hopefully you’ve heard by now that our membership structure and pricing are changing in January, 2019. From now through Tuesday, November 27, you can renew your membership for $60. That renewal will cover you for another full year beyond your 2018 or 2019 expiration date. (Note that our original 2018 Fall Membership Drive end date was November 18, and we have extended it to include Giving Tuesday 2018).

I know I’ve been pushing hard for you to join our membership program or renew, so I wanted to make sure to talk about something not specifically related to the Membership Drive: our Member’s Class series. It’s a great time to get this on your radar, because the series is about to wrap up, and we’ll be starting from the top in January.

Between now and January, we have some fun Member’s Classes in store for you. On November 14 & 28 as well as December 5 & 19, we will be straying from our regular curriculum and bringing you class topics that we don’t normally cover. We may even through in a Member’s Open Shop Night! Stay tuned for what’s in store those dates.

Note that Member’s Class will be canceled on November 21 (Thanksgiving holiday), December 12 (team preparation for Holiday Kid’s Bike Giveaway), and December 26 and January 2 (shop closed for holiday break).

You can check out our handy-dandy new calendar for scheduled classes as well as cancelations.

If you’re not taking advantage of our Member’s Classes, I really encourage you to do so. You’ll learn about your own bike(s), and you’ll also find a community of other curious BBP individuals who are in it for the love of the ride.

Member’s Classes: Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00/8:30 depending on class content. No need to register.

Now: get out there and ride! But first, renew your membership (please)! -Emily