Anyone can come into our shop to fix their bike. From a simple flat fix to a bare frame build, we have the tools and help needed to get the job done.

Although, unlike a full service repair shop, BBP functions as a nonprofit DIY cooperative. That means we focus on putting the tools in people’s hands (both physically and intellectually).

Instead of having people drop off their bikes for mechanics to fix overnight, we pair individuals with our mechanics to help educate them through fixing their bike.

We do this in a diverse, non-threatening environment, where anyone of any skill level can learn.

Looking to come in and learn how to fix your bike? There are a few different options for getting started!

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Coming as a Walk-In

As a walk in. you pay $12/hour to get access to our shop stands, tools, and all the help you need from our mechanics!

This is a great option if you have never wrenched on bikes before.

Walk-ins are welcome Wednesday-Saturday from when we open to 1 hour before closing.

Becoming a Member

Our members are what make the organization run! Instead of paying an hourly rate, you can pay a monthly or yearly cost to become a member.

Along with other perks like discount on parts, members classes, and dedicated shop stands, members also can come work on their bike on Members Only Sundays!

Work Trade

We believe anyone can feel empowered by working on their bike— regardless of income.

For those who cannot afford to pay for shop time and/or parts, we offer work trade program where individuals can come volunteer for shop credit.

1 hour of work = $12 shop credit

Looking for a bike or parts?


Along with being an educational workspace, BBP also function as a recycling center.

Everything that comes into our shop (bikes, parts, rusty frames!) is donated to us.

We are perpetually processing these donations— refurbishing bikes, reusing components, and tearing apart parts for other projects.

During Open Shop times, BBP's retail area operates similar to a thrift store. The majority of what we process goes out into the parts room for anyone to snag!

We almost always have 10-15 bicycles for sale (usually ranging from $20-$350), and a huge variety of parts available for purchase. Each bicycle and part is thoroughly examined for function and safety before going on the shelf. The inventory changes daily, so call to see what we have.


BBP does not want to compete with traditional bike shops, but we do want to make sure we offer items essential for long term transportation. We select our inventory extremely carefully based on sustainability, where it's made (local priority), and affordability. It must meet our standards in all 3 categories before we stock it. You won't find a lot of options on new parts at BBP, but you will find options that we believe in enough to use on our personal bikes.  

New Items Include: Front & Rear Racks, Baskets, Fenders, Commuting Handlebars, Chains, Cables, Tubes, Commuting Tires (thorn resistant), Bells, Locks, Lights, Patch Kits, and a few other items essential for commuting.