CITIZENS CREATING GRASSROOTS CHANGE. The Story of Boise Goathead Fest Ambassadors.


Boise Goathead Fest is coming up fast, and in the words of Gandhi, yes Gandhi, we are asking you to “Be the change you wish to see in the bicycle community.” Specifically we are asking you asking you, your family, your business to invest in Boise Goathead Fest as an Ambassador.

How much would you pay to ensure you, your kids, and the kids BBP donates bicycles to, never have a flat tire from a goathead again?

How much would you contribute to create a 10,000 person Pedal-Powered Parade that inspires 1000s to get more involved in the bicycle community, 1000s to drive less and ride more, and 1000s to become advocates for safer streets for our families?

How much would you invest to create an annual event that keeps our local bicycle nonprofits alive and empowered to create ongoing positive change?

Last year our Original Goathead Fest Ambassadors invested over $14,000 in grassroots crowdfunded dollars, making it possible for our bicycle nonprofits to keep Boise’s annual Pedal-Powered Parade alive, to continue the momentum and impact of Tour De Fat, and to create something truly unique and with limitless potential to grow. In other words, our Ambassadors saved the day!

This year we need your help need raising $15,000 to hit these goals

  • 6000 riders in the Pedal Powered Parade

  • 8000 pounds of goatheads pulled

  • Over $35,000 raised for our bicycle nonprofits

    (Boise Bicycle Project, Dirt Dolls, Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League, Idaho Walk Bike, Land Trust Of Treasure Valley, SWIMBA, Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance).

So today, we’re asking you to be the change you want to see in the bicycle community, and become an Ambassador for Boise Goathead Fest!

All Ambassador levels come with…

Free Parade Registration

Parade Patch

Beer Tokens

Limited Edition Steel Cups

and more…

Mission: Boise Goathead Fest is a locally run event that celebrates Boise’s diverse and growing bicycle community. By encouraging people to ride, empowering local bicycle nonprofits with funding/large-scale exposure, and celebrating Boise bicycle culture as a whole, we hope to transform Boise into the (goatheadless) Bicycle Capital of America. 

Vision: We envision Boise hosting one of the top 3 Bicycle Parades in the Country each year, and we envision the parade as tool to unite ALL people who love to ride in Boise.

We envision an effort that rids of the Treasure Valley of 8000 lbs of goatheads each year and completely eradicates goatheads in high bicycle traffic areas.

We envision a Bicycle Festival that empowers our bicycle nonprofits with $50,000 in consistent funding each year.