Get Involved with the Boise Bicycle Project!

Our hardworking volunteers make our charitable programs possible. Last year volunteers fixed and distributed 563 bicycles to kids, 106 bicycles to our adult programs, and contributed 6,196 hours to our educational programs and outreach events. BBP's volunteers are creating real impact in the community and we want YOU to join the team!

TO GET STARTED VOLUNTEERING, We ask that you please come to an orientation first. 


**Sign Up For Volunteer Orientation** 


BBP hosts Volunteer Nights every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-8:00pm. There are a lot of opportunities for volunteering outside of Volunteer Night, but it all starts out with a Volunteer Orientation.

Besides transforming Boise into the "Bicycle Capital of America," volunteering at BBP is a great way to learn how to work on bicycles, meet like-minded people in the community, and share your valuable skills. As long as you have a passion for the community and a willingness to learn, no bicycle mechanic experience is necessary. In fact, some of BBP's best mechanics started out as our..."greenest." Even if you have no desire to work on bicycles, there are still countless ways to contribute.



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BBP Volunteer Handbook


Volunteer at BBP Events!

BBP hosts both large and small events throughout the year to promote bicycling in Boise. Without our amazing volunteers these events wouldn't happen. From selling BBP merchandise to parking bikes for bike valet, we have a job for everyone!

Crank it up with BBP's Events Committee

If you’re not enthusiastic about wrenching on bicycles but believe in what the Boise Bicycle Project is all about, joining the Events Committee is the opportunity you've been dreaming of!  We would love to utilize your talents (from organizational mastery to artsy-fartsy craft wizardry and everything in between) to help move our mission forward!


We are always recruiting new events committee volunteers!

The Events Committee assists with the planning and execution of the Boise Bicycle Project’s events, shenanigans, fund raising efforts, parties and much more!


Events Committee Member Job Description:

  • The Events Committee will meet approximately 3 times before an event takes place.
  • Volunteer time and talent in putting on the events.
  • Help with solicitation of donations for events.
  • Use grassroots tactics to spread BBP’s message (word of mouth, flyer/poster distribution, social media, etc.) 

Please email and help us learn more about you, and what you'd like to contribute!


Check out the BBP Calendar for event dates.