A nonprofit cooperative that promotes the benefits of bicycling.



Boise Bicycle Project 501(c)(3) (BBP) is a community-oriented cooperative that promotes the personal, social and environmental benefits of bicycling. BBP functions as a bicycle recycling center as well as an educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere. Through education and access to affordable refurbished bicycles BBP strives to build a stronger bicycling community.

Our Vision:

We believe Boise has potential to be the "Bicycling Capitol of America," With dirty hands, forward thinking, and community engagement, we will do our darnedest to help it reach that potential everyday. 

Our Values:

Access to Bicycles

In a perfect world, everyone (regardless of income) would have access to a reliable bicycle for transportation needs. By refurbishing donated bicycles and teaching bicycle education, BBP strives to make this access attainable.

Sustainable Re-cycling

Bicycles in disrepair often find their way to the landfill. BBP takes the environmentally friendly aspect of cycling to the next level by recycling these bicycles and their parts into better stronger bicycles for sustainable transportation.

Building Confidence

Bicycling and bicycle repair can be intimidating for many people. BBP is a DIY bike shop where everyone (regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other boundary) can build confidence and knowledge in a welcoming environment.

A Path of Opportunity for Kids 

Many of us experienced the empowerment and freedom of a bicycle at a young age. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many kids in our own community. BBP is committed to making this experience a reality for every kid in the Treasure Valley.  

Collective Impact

A bicycle is a tool that creates opportunity and connects people to their community. By building partnerships with other like-minded organizations, BBP hopes to build a community of vibrance, compassion, innovation, and positive collective impact. 

OUR Daily Ride: BBP Freespirit Newsletter blog

The goal of the BBP Freespirit Newsletter Blog is to allow you to engage with BBP on a very intimate, transparent and informative level. Plus it's got to be freaking fun! We've decided to try something a little different that incorporates weekly blog posts into a monthly newsletter. We think it will create unparalleled access to BBP and the Bicycle Capitol of America Vision we're striving for on a daily basis. Expect awesome pictures, sweet videos, diverse content from the multiple voices and programs of BBP. Your thoughts and feedback are highly valued, so email Jen, BBP's Creative Director, at  Jen@boisebicycleproject.org at anytime and we'll build something great together. 

Thank you for believing!



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BBP is a grassroots organization and every success we’ve ever had has been a result of your grassroots support. With so many ways to give, we hope we can find one that's meaningful and personal to you! Thank your for passion! Thank you for your support! 

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BBP's volunteers make all our charitable programs possible. Since 2007, our volunteers have recycled over 10,000 bicycles back into the community.  Greasy hands are welcome, but a desire to make a difference is the only experience required!

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