December Volunteer Opportunities

December Volunteer Opportunities

Specific — Holiday Kids Bike Volunteer Opportunities

December is upon us and so is the holiday season! What is new this month? You guessed it….. Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway.

This amazing event brings smiles to participants, families, and volunteers alike. It is truly special to see the support from our community. Whether that be wrenching on bikes, making phone calls, or adopting a bicycle, the buy-in is something to celebrate. Volunteer after volunteer have told me, if you are going to donate your time and support for one BBP event, the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is the one to do it.

Think back to when you were a kid and you received your very first bicycle. I remember getting my blue Magna mtn. bike complete with gears and sweet bar ends on Christmas morning. Do you think I waited to ride that thing? Of course not. I hopped on and never looked back. Places once too hard to get to became nothing. I still know the ins and outs of my neighborhood and surrounding area like the back of my hand and it is owed entirely to that blue Magna.

We have the opportunity to make those dream bikes a reality. A bicycle in the shape of a dragon? That’s a tricky one, but we will do our best! Come on down for Volunteer Nights (Tuesday and Thursday 6-8pm) to help us fix the remaining 200 bikes.

Day of volunteer shifts are a-plenty. Want to help walk a child and their family through the bike receiving process? Boom, Bike Buddy. Have a knack for finding that exact bike fit? Boom, Bike Fitter. Can you speak another language? Boom, Translator. We have a job for everyone. Registration, traffic control, tasty treat provider, helmet fitter, and more!

Do you drive a vehicle capable of hauling a family in need of transportation? If so, sign up! Last year, 100 of the 400 bikes went unclaimed; a lot of which was attributed to lack of transportation down here to BBP. With our powers combined, we can make this holiday season something truly special for the children of Boise.

James Hallyburton

Boise Bicycle Project, 1027 South Lusk Street, Boise, ID, 83706