November Volunteer Opportunities

‘Tis the season to hit the greenbelt and enjoy the fall colors. Make sure you get out and enjoy the last bit of nice riding weather. As the season starts to turn, so does our focus. Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is QUICKLY approaching. We have been in kids bike mode now for the past three weeks and will be continuing up until the day of the event, Saturday, December 15th. This is an AMAZING event that you do not want to miss. We shut down the entire street and fill it with families, kids, bikes, and smiles!

Purple bikes, blue bikes, big bikes, small bikes, bikes, bikes, bikes. We need YOUR help to fix between 400-500 bikes before December 15th. That means we need a lot of volunteer power! Even if you do not know a lot about bikes, this is a perfect opportunity to join us in a non-threatening environment where we try to guide the learning process. Don’t know what a cone wrench is? That’s fine! We do our best to partner new volunteers with more experienced volunteers. BBP is a welcoming place full of endless learning opportunities. I put the wheel on backwards…. who cares! Come on down and give it a shot.

If you would like to still help out but are not able to make it into Volunteer Night on Tuesday or Thursday, check-in for our weekly updates on ways to plug in. Our leadership team met this past week and have started to map out timelines, tasks, and responsibilities. We will definitely need additional volunteer support for these roles.

As always, if you haven’t volunteered with us before, please sign up for a Volunteer Orientation first to learn about shop expectations, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to get involved. Volunteer Orientation is the first Tuesday and third Saturday of the month.


James Hallyburton

Boise Bicycle Project, 1027 South Lusk Street, Boise, ID, 83706