Week at a Glance -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Thanks to the generous donation of four additional storage containers from PODS, we now have a much stronger grasp on what still needs to be done before the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. With this additional space, we were able to fully organize kids bikes of all sizes, colors, and designs!

So how many bikes do we have completed and organized…??? The magic number is.. 244! Which means, we still need to fix A LOT more if we want to meet our goal of 500 bikes. So how do you, a volunteer, factor in? Well, come on down! Tuesday and Thursdays down here at BBP is the place to be! We always get our hands dirty and jam out to good tunes. As the holiday season starts to approach, we begin to see an influx of tasty treats. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, candy, Oh My! Come join us Tues/Thurs 6-8pm.

We need your help to reach our goal of 500!!

Week at a glance -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Week at a glance -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Ok… we FINALLY turned a corner and got the upper hand on the bikes we received during the One Day Bike Drive last month where we took in over 800 bikes! That is a lot of bikes.

This week volunteers lifted, loaded, unloaded, organized, re-organized, and lifted more bikes. We jammed to tunes A big thank you to Lost Grove Brewing for letting us use their box truck to make hauls from the shop to our storage units.

November Volunteer Opportunities

November Volunteer Opportunities

‘Tis the season to hit the greenbelt and enjoy the fall colors. Make sure you get out and enjoy the last bit of nice riding weather. As the season starts to turn, so does our focus. Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is QUICKLY approaching. We have been in kids bike mode now for the past three weeks and will be continuing up until the day of the event, Saturday, December 15th. This is an AMAZING event that you do not want to miss. We shut down the entire street and fill it with families, kids, bikes, and smiles!

October Volunteer Opportunities

We are mixing up our Volunteer Night on October 4th. Rather than our normal Volunteer Night in the shop, we will be meeting at BBP at 5:30pm and doing a group ride to Whitney Community Center (1609 S Owyhee St, Boise, ID 83705) along with the Mobile Fix-It trailer. We will fix flats, adjust brakes, and hang at the community center from 6-8pm. Lights and helmet encouraged! If you are unable to meet at BBP for the group ride, feel free to meet us down there. Go HERE to sign up for our Mobile Repair/Volunteer Night.


Our last Kids BASH of the year will take place Saturday, October 13th from 9-11 a.m. This is an awesome opportunity to work directly with the people we serve and see the smile a new bike can bring to a kid’s face. For those not familiar, the Kids B.A.S.H. (bicycle and safety hour) is a monthly give-away where, with the help of our stellar volunteer team, we're able to donate 30-40 bikes back to our community's youth. Kids receive not only a bicycle, but also a helmet, a bike lock and lights, then complete a safety course before taking the bike home!

Go HERE to sign up for our Kids B.A.S.H.


It is our goal here at BBP to create the most enjoyable volunteer experience as possible. We want you to progress and improve your mechanically ability. We will be starting our “Volunteer Pathways” program offering classes and the ability to obtain 4 separate certifications – Take-a-part, wheels, kids bikes, and adult bikes. This “Volunteer Pathways” program is a way to track your progress within the volunteer program and gives you the ability to teach new volunteers as they come in. The class will take place the first hour of our regularly scheduled Volunteer Nights, which run from 6-8pm.

October Class Schedule: 

Kids Bikes October 16th and October 23rd