Week at a Glance (1/14-1/20) -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

We have a great event scheduled for tomorrow morning (Wed, Jan. 16th) and with that, the shop will be opening at 12pm rather than our normal opening time of 11am. BBP will be hosting a corporate team building event on Wednesday morning. This event will consist of various teams doing different tasks to help fix kids bicycles which will be put on the floor for people to purchase. Tonight (Jan. 15), we will be planning all of the finer details to make sure that we are ready for the event tomorrow.

Thursday will be another great opportunity to stay busy during the winter and hone your mechanical skills or learn something new! Come on down from 6-8pm and hang out.

Week at a Glance (1/2-1/6) -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Happy New Year! Hope the holidays went well and everyone enjoyed a little relaxation time. We are back at work here in the shop after a GREAT 2018! The shop is closed this week until Saturday, January 5th. We are busy at work organizing the shop and making sure it is ready to welcome the new year.

Volunteer Night (tonight, January 3) will be canceled as we prepared to open back up next week for our normal hours. Volunteer Night will be back and rolling with our normal schedule starting Tuesday, January 8th. Thanks and looking forward to making 2019 even better!

Week at a Glance (12/17-12/22) -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Woo! We did it. With our powers combined, we gave away an astonishing 520 Dream Bicycles on Saturday for the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. That is 200 more bicycles than last year. Volunteers have been busy at work this past month cranking out bikes, making phone calls, putting together goodie bags, making signs, baking food, customizing dream bikes, and so much more!

We here at BBP can’t say enough times, we would not be able to do what we do without your support. 520 kids are better off and have more opportunity because of the work and effort you all put in.

So with that being said… there will be NO VOLUNTEER NIGHT this week (12/17-12/22). Volunteer Night will pick back up again January 3rd.

Happy holidays!

December Volunteer Opportunities

December Volunteer Opportunities

Specific — Holiday Kids Bike Volunteer Opportunities

December is upon us and so is the holiday season! What is new this month? You guessed it….. Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway.

This amazing event brings smiles to participants, families, and volunteers alike. It is truly special to see the support from our community. Whether that be wrenching on bikes, making phone calls, or adopting a bicycle, the buy-in is something to celebrate. Volunteer after volunteer have told me, if you are going to donate your time and support for one BBP event, the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is the one to do it.

Think back to when you were a kid and you received your very first bicycle. I remember getting my blue Magna mtn. bike complete with gears and sweet bar ends on Christmas morning. Do you think I waited to ride that thing? Of course not. I hopped on and never looked back. Places once too hard to get to became nothing. I still know the ins and outs of my neighborhood and surrounding area like the back of my hand and it is owed entirely to that blue Magna.

We have the opportunity to make those dream bikes a reality. A bicycle in the shape of a dragon? That’s a tricky one, but we will do our best! Come on down for Volunteer Nights (Tuesday and Thursday 6-8pm) to help us fix the remaining 200 bikes.

Day of volunteer shifts are a-plenty. Want to help walk a child and their family through the bike receiving process? Boom, Bike Buddy. Have a knack for finding that exact bike fit? Boom, Bike Fitter. Can you speak another language? Boom, Translator. We have a job for everyone. Registration, traffic control, tasty treat provider, helmet fitter, and more!

Do you drive a vehicle capable of hauling a family in need of transportation? If so, sign up! Last year, 100 of the 400 bikes went unclaimed; a lot of which was attributed to lack of transportation down here to BBP. With our powers combined, we can make this holiday season something truly special for the children of Boise.

Week at a Glance (12/2-12/9) -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

The journey continues! We have reached 500 kids registered! That is a lot of kids… and bikes. The Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is right around the corner. We have got 375 bikes completed. That means we are still shy another 150-200. All hands on deck!

In addition to wrenching on bikes, we also have other opportunities to help out before the actual event. We need help making phone calls to families confirming they will be receiving a bicycle, as well as their assigned time to receive said bicycle.

Transportation for families is HUGE. If you have a vehicle that is capable of transporting families and/or bicycles and you are willing to help, sign up! We will pair you with a family

Are you an early bird who loves drinking coffee and regulating traffic? This is the job for you! We need some brave volunteers to help us enforce road closures starting at 6 a.m. This is an important job that ACHD requires.

Go HERE to sign up for all volunteer shifts.

Week at a Glance (11/25-12/1)-- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Hope the Thanksgiving holiday treated everyone nicely. Full bellies and full hearts! Come on down to continue wrenching on kids bikes for the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway (HKBG) on December 15th. Don’t know how to wrench on a bike but still want to help out? Come on down to our drop-in Volunteer Nights and help make phone calls to families to confirm they WILL be receiving a bicycle OR help input registration information. The Adopt-a-Bicycle is an important part of HKBG. People can choose a bike to adopt for the event. This program helps pay for the cost of fixing the bike, along with helmets, locks, and lights. In order for this to happen, we have to upload all of the drawings online for people to choose from. OR sign up for the pre-event shifts and arrange to make phone calls/registration support on a day/time that works best for your schedule. Totally open to work around your availability. We just need the help!

Excited for the week and excited to continually make progress towards our goal of 500 kids bikes given away!

Week at a Glance -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Thanksgiving is almost here! Hope everyone enjoys the holidays and fills up with as much food as they possibly can. The grind continues on our journey to fix 500 kids bikes! We are making our way there slowly but surely. We are approaching 300 in bikes fixed.

As the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway inches closer and closer, there are some great volunteer opportunities aside from bike mechanics that are available. The registration forms are trickling in and we need some help plugging in all of the information in order to assign each kid their DREAM bicycle. We also need some help reaching out to families to let them know they WILL be receiving a bicycle.

Pre-event Volunteer Opps:

  • Registration Support

    • Help scan/organize/upload registration forms online

    • Adopt-a-bike program support

  • Family Outreach

    • Be the first person to confirm times, details, and information regarding day-of-event.

Sign up for shifts


Week at a Glance -- The Life and Times of a Volunteer

Thanks to the generous donation of four additional storage containers from PODS, we now have a much stronger grasp on what still needs to be done before the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. With this additional space, we were able to fully organize kids bikes of all sizes, colors, and designs!

So how many bikes do we have completed and organized…??? The magic number is.. 244! Which means, we still need to fix A LOT more if we want to meet our goal of 500 bikes. So how do you, a volunteer, factor in? Well, come on down! Tuesday and Thursdays down here at BBP is the place to be! We always get our hands dirty and jam out to good tunes. As the holiday season starts to approach, we begin to see an influx of tasty treats. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, candy, Oh My! Come join us Tues/Thurs 6-8pm.

We need your help to reach our goal of 500!!