The bbp team building experience


We are frequently contacted by organizations looking for large group volunteer opportunities. Your time is the most valuable commodity you can give, and we are honored that so many groups would prefer to spend their time with us.

Although we would love to accomodate all large group volunteer requests, this is difficult for a multitude of factors, namely task availability and the nature of our work. Donations fluctuate throughout the year, as does our inventory, so it is often too difficult to predict what work we have available and for how many people. Additionally, the bike mechanic skill-set is an acute skill-set that often requires training on correct tool usage and shop processes. This makes it difficult to facilitate a valuable experience for large groups who aren’t familiar with BBP.

However, we know that many organizations are looking to be included in the BBP Experience, and so we created our BBP Team Building Experience. Many organizations hosting their quarterly/annual leadership summits or team meetings choose to partner with us to provide something fun and different for their employees.

If a true volunteer opportunity is what your group is after, your best bet is to choose one of our special events. Boise Goathead Fest (first weekend in August) and the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway (second Saturday in December) are great events for large groups.

BBP Team Building Experience outline:

The BBP Team Building Experience is a three to five hour (depending on group size) hands-on, experiential activity focused on BBP’s impact. Working in teams, participants get a chance to customize BBP Dream Bikes!

We can accommodate groups of 30 to 200 individuals.

We kick off the experience with an introduction to BBP’s impact from our executive director or a

member of our operating team. Next, teams of 5 - 10 individuals work with dedicated BBP staff/volunteers to customize BBP Dream Bikes. These Dream Bikes are the exact bikes that we donate to children every year at our Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway and at additional seasonal giveaways. After bike customizations are complete, teams come back together as a full group; and we debrief on the experience and choose a “winning” bike.

For groups of 50 individuals or fewer, BBP can host the experience in our shop. We book these events outside of shop operating hours, so we recommend either a breakfast experience or an evening/happy hour experience. For larger groups, we must take the experience offsite and require that your organization makes arrangements. As an example, HP hosted a leadership summit for approximately 200 attendees  in the spring of 2018 and had already booked JUMP for their final group dinner. HP chose to book the BBP Team Building Experience as their final activity, and we hosted the event during that dinner.

Associated costs:

We dedicate our staff and volunteers to your BBP Team Building Experience to ensure it’s an impactful and fun event. As such, our staff and volunteers are pulled away from our everyday operations at the shop. We dedicate donated bikes and both new and used parts and accessories to the Dream Bike customization. Because of these factors, we charge for the BBP Team Building Experience. Fees cover the associated costs mentioned above and contribute to our annual programs budget, which otherwise is covered by contributed income (grants and donations).

There are several ways to assign fees to the experience, and our team will work with you to find a method that works for your organizations. A good estimate as a jumping off point is around $20/participant.

Due to high demand and our regular year-round events and programming, we can accommodate between 1 - 2 experiences per quarter. We request at least 2-months lead time to create a great experience for your organization.

Interested in the BBP Team Building Experience? Email