pedal-powered community

We’re not all wrenches and bolts here at BBP. Throughout the year we organize events to celebrate and unite Boise’s dynamic bicycle community. From 12 inch trikes, to full suspension tandem bikes, everyone is welcome in pedaling together wherever that may be!

Our events can’t happen without your help! Interested?




Boise Bicycle Project was established as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit in 2007. Since then, we have had good years, great years, transformative years, even some rocky years.

No matter what, every year has been massively impactful to our bicycling community, and that impact is impossible without our BBP Supporters: Members, Volunteers, Donors, Nonprofit and Organization Partners.

With 1000s of BBP Supporters, we decided every Anniversary should also appreciate every supporter. In comes our Anniversary & Appreciation Party!

Every October, we invite all of our BBP Supporters to come together and celebrate and thank each other for another successful year fulfilling our mission; building a stronger bicycling community!

Our next Appreciation Party is October 5th, 2019!

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Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway

Every December, BBP hosts a massive kids bike giveaway for kids ages 4-11. Kids are referred to us by local non-profit organizations, schools, social workers, after school programs, and other like-minded organizations.

Our volunteer and staff at each event facilitates a bike and helmet fit section, a safety skills course, and a chance to decorate each bike. In 2018, BBP hosted our biggest HKBG yet; we donated 607 bikes in one day!

Registration for the next HKBG will open Fall of 2019.


Boise Goathead Fest


For years, the tire popping demon has plagued the bicycle community in Boise. Rides have been ruined, tires have been trashed, and punctures have permeated our pedal powered lives.

But every year for one day, the monster’s has a change of heart. Instead of popping tires, Boise’s most despised invasive species gives back to Boise’s bicycle nonprofits and lends its hand in transforming Boise into the Bicycle Capital of America.

Join us in 2020 for the third annual year of the festival at Capitol Park. We’ll have music, food and drinks, and the long running bicycle parade of Boise!



Friday Night Bikes are a way for us to engage with our community, promote the environmental & social benefits of biking, and well... get out and ride our bikes together!

Every Friday we will host a ride or social event to a community event, business, restaurant, park… the possibilities are endless!

Check out our calendar for upcoming rides!