What’s a co-op?


The Boise Bicycle Project is Boise's one and only nonprofit bicycle cooperative. This means we rely on our members for support, decision making, and spreading the BBP message.

By being a member of the organization, you help us fund our programs, keep the lights running, and ensure we are making a stronger bicycling community!

Because of that, as a member of the BBP, you have access to your own personal bike shop, as well as limitless education and social opportunities. We have mechanics on hand to help you along your journey in bicycle repair, as long as you are willing to keep your mind open and your hands dirty.



Alley Cat Membership
$60 ($50 for students)

This basic BBP membership package includes unlimited shop time, classes, and a 10% discount on bicycles and parts.

Century Ride Membership
$100 ($90 for students)

BBP's premium membership offers all of the benefits of the basic package, but with access to more stands, specialty tools, a 15% discount on bikes and parts, and the ability to special order new items.

Family Memberships
alley cat - $120/century ride - $200

With all of the benefits of the Alley Cat and Century Ride Memberships, a family memberships allows multiple family members to share one pass (and even have two bikes in the stands at once!)



Would your business benefit from including a BBP membership option as an office perk? With a Business Membership multiple employees can take advantage of a BBP Alley Cat or Century Ride Membership. Payment options are available for 10, 20 and 30 employees. Only the business name will appear on the membership card, so the passes can be exchanged throughout the company.



Is your business bicycle friendly? Sure it is, but is it official? Employees of businesses who have received "Bicycle Friendly Business" (BFB) status through the League of American Bicyclists receive $10 off Alley Cat or Century Ride Memberships. 

BBP believes that Boise has the potential to become the Bicycling Capital of America. Boise businesses who apply for BFB status through the League of American Bicyclists are helping Boise reach that potential. By 2020, Boise would like to lead the nation with over 100 BFBs. 


Discounts On Bikes & Parts, Item Watch-List, & Special Ordering New Parts

We have most of the parts in shop for any project you are working on. As a member you get a discount (10% for Alley Cat, 15% for Century Ride) for all part in the shop.

Don’t see a part you need? We keep a list of items on a Watch-List that members can add to. If the part comes in, we’ll give you a call and make sure it heads your way.

We also are able to special order new parts for Century Ride members from one of our distributors.

Access to BBP’s tools, stands, library, and instructors

The greatest barrier to fixing a bike, is having the right tools.

We are committed to providing the necessary tools, resources, and help need for anyone to learn how to work on their bike.

When you come into our shop, we provide shop stands for you to put your bike on, a spread of tools for any project, and the knowledge of our mechanics to assist you.

We also have a library of manuals, handbooks, and guides that you can check out to learn more about bike maintenance!

Free Frame On Renewal

Members who renew for the first time get to choose a free frame so that they can build up their dream bike. No fine print, renew your membership, get a frame!

Acknowledging the program is new in 2018, if you have been a renewing membership for several years, you still get to choose a free frame the next time you renew. Using our extensive inventory of donated used parts and frames, you can build yourself a bike. Thankfully, your membership provides you unlimited shop time and access to the support and education of our mechanics, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can create.

Member’s Classes

Interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of bike components

Every week, we have a class on a specific component/system of a bike. These aren’t your normal high school classes though! We try to keep it fun, and you can you even bring your own bike to learn on.

Learn more about the classes below!


Throughout the year we host various events that members can come to with perks such as free drink tokens.

Along with that, every month we help organize a social ride on the First Friday to give a chance for members to meet and explore Boise! In the past we’ve done pizza crawls, tours of other nonprofits, and picnics. Learn more about Social Rides, and even help us organize one yourself here!


Member’s Classes

2017-06-16 18.43.21.jpg

Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm, BBP hosts a special educational shop time for its members.

These classes are designed to give BBP's Members the tools, knowledge, and empowerment needed to keep their bicycles rolling strong while enjoying/spreading the countless benefits of bicycling around Boise. 

Interested in looking at the material we cover, or want to review from past classes? Give us an email at info@boisebicycleproject.org and we can share those with you.

Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming classes.



  • Getting to Know Your Bicycle: Customized Bike Fit/Adjustment

  • Improving the Way Your Tires Roll: Tires, Tubes, Leaks, and Flats

  • Revamping Your Ride With Buttery Hubs: Hub Inspection and Overhaul

  • Creating Straight Wheels That Last: Wheel Truing/Straightening

  • Making Your Bike Stop On A Dime: Brake/Pad Inspection, Adjustment, Replacement

  • How Checking Your Chain Will Save Your Gears… and Money: Chain/Cassette/Freewheel Inspection, Replacement, and Lubrication.

  • Unlocking the Power of Your Cables and Housing: Inspecting/Servicing Brake and Shifter Cable Systems. 

  • Easy and Effective Headset Adjustments: Inspecting/Servicing Headset

  • Clicking, Ticking, Creaking, Squeaking? Time to Service Your Poor Bottom Bracket: Bottom Bracket Inspection, Overhaul, and Replacement and Crank Removal

  • A Guide For Easy, Effective, and Crisp Shifting: Front and Rear Derailleur Adjustment.