Kylie Bybee

I started out as an intern at BBP, and somehow managed to land my dream job(while still in high school!)here. I compete on my high school’s cross country biking team as part of NICA and the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League; which has been an amazing opportunity to meet some dope people and helped me discover my love for bikes! Currently I race on my red 2017 Trek X Caliber 8 and commute on my blue single-speed Draft, but i can’t wait to build some more bikes and make them my own!


As an Idaho native, but someone who lives outside of Boise, growing up I never got to see much of it. I first set foot in the Bike Project three years ago, right before I started racing mountain bikes. I hadn’t thought much about BBP after that until I was given the opportunity to become an intern at a place of my choosing, through an IESDB program for teens with hearing disabilities.

Boise Bicycle Project seemed like the perfect opportunity: a chance to work in the city I’ve always wanted to explore, at a project that works to keep everyone in our community commuting, and getting the opportunity to work with people and bikes(both of which I love)! BBP has been an amazing experience and an adventure for me, filled with incredible new people and opportunities.

When I’m not working or in school, I’m biking with my team or spending time in the outdoors(and spending all the time I can in boise of course!). I’m a big fan of enjoying the little things. I’m forever passionate about being environmentally friendly and advocating for minority rights, after all we’re all part of the human race, and this is our planet to share:).

If you don’t know me, say hi! I think we’ll get along pretty well.