Please Join Us Oct 5th! 12 Years Of Love Peace and Bicycle Grease at BBP.

Hey everyone, this is Jimmy, and I’m asking you to make something a priority. Do it for BBP, do it for me. Please put BBP’s 12 Year Appreciation Party, October 5th, 7pm, on your calendar right now!

The evening will be incomplete without you, and that’s not hyperbole. You’ve been part of the impact and BBP/I am asking for the opportunity to thank you and show our appreciation for all you’ve done as BBP Members Volunteers, and Supporters. And it’s going to be one heck of a party, so bring your friends!

Since 2007 you’ve helped us fix and distribute over 16,000 bicycles back onto the streets of Boise. You’ve helped us create programs that have welcomed Refugee families to Boise with pedal-powered connection. You’ve helped us create partnership with the Idaho Department of Corrections to give inmates a better shot at a second chance. You’ve helped us create safer streets in every neighborhoods across the Valley. You’ve helped us pass state bicycle laws that will save lives. You’ve helped us eliminate over 8000lbs of Goatheads. And you’ve helped us smile every dang day.

More details about BBP’s 12 Years Of “Love Peace and Bicycle Grease” Appreciation Party coming soon. But know there will be DJs, dance parties, free beer from Lost Grove Brewing for BBP members, food trucks, bicycle auctions, and everything else you’d need for a “kickass” pedal powered party!

Thank you for all you’ve done for BBP, and all you’ve giving to this community.

-Jimmy Hallyburton