Getting Political and Not Getting Political


With election season ramping up and election day (Nov 5th) just around the corner, we (me/Jimmy, our Staff, and our Board of Directors) want to make sure everyone is well aware of the rules and policies in place that protect BBP from any 501c3 nonprofit violations. We also want to draw a distinction between getting involved politically by supporting causes, ordinances, and opportunities to advocate on behalf of the community we serve (all things we can and frequently do) and getting involved with endorsing, funding, and promoting individual political campaign efforts (something we can’t, don’t, and won’t do). Here is a copy of BBP’s official political guidelines adopted by BBP’s Board of Directors and discussed with all of BBP’s Staff.


Political Guidelines and Policy

Boise Bicycle Project, as represented by its programs, employees, and Board Members may not:

  • Promote or campaign for or against a federal, state, or local political candidate.

  • Make donations to political campaigns.

  • Coordinate an event or release a report that highlights one party or candidate.

Boise Bicycle Project, as represented by its programs, employees, and Board Members may:

  • Conduct non-partisan voter education drives.

  • Sponsor non-partisan public forums for candidates to speak on issues.

  • Compile non-partisan voter guides  Distribute candidates’ answers to non-partisan questionnaires that address a wide range of issues.


Board Members and persons employed by the Boise Bicycle Project are free to express their opinions on political matters.  However, they are not to use official organization publications or events to do so. When speaking about their own views/opinions where the audience may not understand who an employee or board member may be representing, it is expected that the employee/board member makes it clear.

We hope this makes the upcoming election and BBP’s abilities to get involved, and not get involved, more clear. We are asking that our volunteers, members, and supporters be respectful of our staff when engaging in political discussions inside of BBP’s shop and at BBP events. Outside of the shop/BBP events and when talking with our Staff and our Board as individuals (not representing BBP), ask away. They are people just like anyone else.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jimmy Hallyburton