Motherload of a showing....


How has the rising popularity of cargo bikes for familial transportation and utilitarian use impacted our use of streets, well-being of kids, our societal connection? The movie Motherload explores this!

Filmmaker Liz Canning explores how bicycling, especially with children is a movement that can not only save the planet, but helps us reconnect to our community and the nature around us in a way that the car cannot. In fact, it is argued that car culture tends to shatter those connections.

Not only have I been seeing this movie talked about in many urban planning and bicycling spaces, I’ve personally seen so many cargo bikes in Boise!! It’s a pretty cool sight to see, they’re used for groceries, enthusiasts who bike daily, parents who prefer biking to driving with their kids, heck we even use ours to haul the mobile fix it!


Whatever the use of a cargo bike may be, there is no doubt that their popularity will continue to rise as the need to reduce our carbon footprint becomes essential going into the future. Plus, despite their high initial cost, cargo bikes can be less expensive than commuting by car.

This Friday prior to the movie, we will be hosting an informal panel with Lisa Brady of Safe Routes to School and two other cargo bike users in Boise to hear about their experience, reason for cargo biking and any advice to give aspiring cargo bikers!

So, if you are getting your Friday night plans ready, please join us this Friday for the ultimate Bike-In-Movie! Tickets are only $10 (comes with unlimited popcorn!!) BYOB and BYO-Chair!

We hope to see you there!