We often ask for your trucks, trailer, time and transportation. Here's why.


As many of you know, Boise Bicycle Project depends on your support. Whether that be through volunteering, donating or supporting our mission by becoming a BBP Member, the support you contribute to us everyday spreads into the community we work in for giveaways or the services in our shop. That’s pretty dang cool!

One thing we seriously rely on are trucks and trailers. BBP doesn’t have a company truck to transport the bicycles we receive and the volunteers we have that lend their time, trucks n’ trailers are a massive help to achieving our mission.

Every week we have volunteers pick up frames and parts that aren’t able usable and takes them to Pacific Steel and Recycling where we receive funds from the weight of the load. These volunteers also help transport bikes to the Shifting Gears program and for the upcoming Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. Between recycling, supplying programming and helping us raise funds, that is a TRIPLE whammy!

Thank you Mark and the rotating individuals who help from the Community Re-Entry Center (CRC)!

When we have to load things to and from our storage, for HKBG or for major events, we definitely need your big rigs. When you went to Goathead Fest, did you notice the massive art, Gertrudes and bar display? All of this was graciously loaded by and transported by volunteers! Amazing!
Thank you Jake and the Lost Grove box truck, Ralph for your truck and trailer, the Lehmans for your mighty truck and all the other volunteers who help us load and unload!

I also want to take a moment to thank our MVP Transportation volunteer, Shane! Shane is regularly picking up recycling, transporting things to and from our storage facility, and helped us pack up after Boise Goathead Fest, saving us hours on take down. Shane, you are a rockin’ volunteer for helping us with your truck, trailer and your countless hours of volunteer time. Thank you thank you thank you!

Going back to HKBG, this year’s is on Saturday December 21st and is another big one for volunteer involvement, including transportation, what?!

That’s right, we need your driving ability on this day as well. Many of the families we serve either do not have the ability to drive down to BBP or to take the bicycle back to their home, especially if they are receiving more than one! We will be putting a big call out for volunteers on that day to drive families and deliver bicycles, so stay tuned for that if you would like to help us on our most impactful event of the year!

Without our amazing volunteers we couldn’t do what we do best; break down the barriers to connecting to our great city. A bicycle allows kids to explore their community in a way that would otherwise be unavailable. I throw out the term impact a lot- collective impact, lasting impact, direct and indirect impact- it is such a meaningful word to what we do at BBP. Through one event, hundreds of volunteers and bikes, we all are collectively creating this lasting impact for so many individuals, families and neighborhoods.

As a BBP Supporter I hope you remember how incredible your support is, no matter how you show it! We are so grateful for your involvement at BBP.