I’m still basking in the wonderfully weird glow of Goathead Festival! The incredible community and volunteer support that allowed us to enjoy such a fun weekend remains on the tip of my brain and heart. (If you were a volunteer at the festival, please take the time to fill out this feedback form to ensure positive changes are put in place for next year!)

I wish we could do the whole shabang again this weekend...alas...I’m told we need to wait an entire year before doing so. Bad news bears. Good news exists though, my friends! There are exciting happenings on the horizon in which we need plenty of volunteer help. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events that will be fantastic opportunities to get involved with the BBP community, support our programs, and continue to make strides towards getting every Boisean on a bike!

bike drive 3.jpg

Primary Health Bike Drive

Saturday, September 21st 


The Primary Health Bike Drive yields a large percentage of our bike cache for the entire year, and provides an immense amount of bikes for the kids that are donated at our Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. We are expecting to bring in close to 1,000 bikes in ONE DAY during the annual drive. Because that is a lot of bikes, and because there will be 19 drop off locations, and because it will all happen within the span of a few hours, we need lots of volunteers to help with the bike drive!


  • Trailer and transport volunteers

  • Volunteers at each site organizing bikes

  • Volunteers removing pedals and turning handlebars

  • Volunteers who want to be part of a community supporting one another!

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Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway

Saturday, December 21st


The Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is our biggest event of the year and consists of donating hundreds of bikes to kids during the holiday season. We’ll need volunteers aplenty leading up to and during this massive event. Starting next month, we’ll ramp up our efforts to build our stash of bikes for HKBG. There will be a constant stream of kid bikes that will need to be checked and serviced, and volunteer help is necessary to get through them all! Help support the single most “smiled-at” day of the year as hundreds of kids receive their dream bikes!


  • Volunteers to work on kids bikes starting next month!

  • Day-of event help including:

    • Bike Buddies

    • Helmet Fitters

    • Mechanics

    • Interpreters

    • Tasty Treat Cookers

    • And many more fun jobs!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

IMG_6684 (1).jpg

Pathways Class Series

Tuesday nights in September and October

Keep your eyes out for the next couple months of the Pathways Class Series.  We will most likely have two more Kids Bike Series’ as we mobilize folks for full-blown Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway preparation.  


Volunteers With Trailers


If you have a trailer that you would be willing to use for BBP’s benefit, please let me know! Transportation needs are constantly arising for hauling bikes, recycling scrap, and transportation for events. Volunteering for BBP by being available with a trailer is a MASSIVE help for us and cannot be understated!