July is already here, which means Boise Goathead Fest is only one month away! I have a few updates, fun events, and other sweet deets to give ya before the festivities truly begin.


When Tour de Fat came to Boise, there proceeds benefited 3 Nonprofits: BBP, TVCA and SWIMBA. We are lucky to bring that number up to 7 for Boise Goathead Fest, expanding the impact to not just cycling advocacy groups, but to Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, who works to protect the lands we ride on, to Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League, a youth mountain bike racing team, to Dirt Dolls, a women’s only mountain bike riding social club, and to Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, who advocates for safe biking, walking and accessible routes throughout Idaho. When we say Bona Fide Boise, this is what we mean; bringing everybody to the table to better our community as a whole!

Did you know? 100% of the profits we receive from Boise Goathead Fest goes to our benefiting nonprofits! To determine this each Nonprofit calls for individuals to register for the parade under their name. We think of this not as a pie that is getting split up into smaller pieces, but rather coming together to create a much bigger pie!

So the Pedal Powered parade. Not only is it an essential step to determine funding for our 7 Nonprofits, its also…. OPEN! That’s right! Get ahead of the game, register now so all you have to stress about until then is your wonderfully weird costume. We can’t wait to see you at the parade on August 3rd!


NEON pickins.jpg

Lets be honest, this has been a weird season for the goathead plant, but the #nutlets are slowly popping up. Despite the slow sighting of goatheads, we officially surpassed 1000lbs last week, and currently at 1261lbs. Heck yeah! As they continue to pop up, keep on pickin’! As always, you can take your collections to North End Organic Nursery during their open hours, and they will tally your weight!


We have some upcoming Social Rides and Social Hours with our BGF Breweries and Nonprofits, woop! Our partnering Breweries have been incredibly gracious in helping with this grassroots, community wide event to help raise funds for essential nonprofits valley wide. This is one of the ways we want to show gratitude for the support breweries give us and other community events. It is a place for Nonprofits, Breweries, their supporters and more to get together, find common ground with our disdain of goatheads, and to register community members for the parade! Check back for updates on the events

7/6: Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League at Nampa Boise Fry Co.

7/12: Idaho Walk Bike Alliance at Payette Brewing

7/19: TVCA at Meriweather Cider

7/20: SWIMBA at Mad Swede

7/26: Land Trust of the Treasure Valley at Barbarian Brewing

7/27: BBP at Lost Grove

7/30: BGF Volunteer social hour at White Dog Brewing