Over the weekend, the City of Boise hosted the first year of Boise Kind Day on Saturday, a day of volunteerism and giving back to the community we love! The day saw over 500 volunteers helping weed invasive plants, paint greenbelt railings, and landscaping in our parks. One of those invasive species targeted was…. you guessed it! Goatheads.

From Boise Kind Day alone, we saw 699 pounds of Goathead vines collected!

Our grand total is now 728 pounds of Goatheads taken away from our streets, trails, school playgrounds and more. This may seem low, but from our own goathead plant searches and reports from seasoned pickers, those darn #nutlets haven’t actually sprouted!

#Nutlets ready to spread, not on our watch!

#Nutlets ready to spread, not on our watch!

On Saturday, Boise Kind volunteers set out to Camels Back Park and Military Reserve to prevent Goatheads getting on shoes and spreading elsewhere in the Treasure Valley. Our BBP team went to Jefferson Elementary, a school surrounded by goathead plants, where many kids have received BBP bikes as well. From the Jefferson Elementary area alone, BBP collected 100 pounds.

Thank you to everyone who got out and collected goatheads on Saturday! As the weather gets warmer and we transition into Summer, keep an eye out for #nutlets, cause no matter what…. they’re comin’!