I Will Show Up For Nonprofits. Action Item!


This is an excerpt from the last facebook post of the day (11:30pm) during Idaho Gives. I think it still translates a week later and is an important next step and action item in continuing the positive change BBP and our fellow nonprofits seek to create.

Hey, this is Jimmy and this is my last message of the night. If you have 3 minutes, please read through and share if it resonates.

This post is about tomorrow.

Tomorrow nonprofit workers from across the state will wake up with almost $2,000,000 more dollars in their pockets, collectively. 

Tomorrow they will take that money and transform it into life-changing impact. 

Tomorrow they will take that money and they will stretch it (and themselves) beyond the breaking point.

Tomorrow they will show up early after 24 hours of fundraising to serve the people, animals, and environment they've dedicated their lives to.

Tomorrow they will work as if the future of the community depends on it.

And it does….

…The support and impact you gave today is undeniable, unbelievable and a true statement of what generosity looks like.

And tomorrow I want to ask you to do one more thing. Make a plan to slow down and show up for Nonprofits.

Nothing means more to us than seeing your beautiful face at our events, our classes, and our gatherings. I truly believe the greatest thing our community needs is to slow down and spend quality time with each other. So please, tomorrow choose 1-3 of your favorite nonprofits and schedule a time to share space with them every month. It will make a difference, and it will give us the much needed energy to keep going!

You raised over $12,500 for BBP during Idaho Gives. Those funds will create beautiful things for this community, and we want you to witness that beauty unfold firsthand. So next time you’re looking at your calendar, schedule some time to help hand out bikes to kids at one of our monthly giveaways, join us for an educational and community-building Friday Night Class, and block out Boise Goat Head Fest (Aug 2-3) as we bring Boise one step closer to becoming the Bicycle Capital of America!

Full BBP calendar here!

Hope to see you soon!