Bike-A-Thon is BBP’s challenge to the entire community to go 100% pedaled on May 2nd during Idaho Gives.


To accomplish transforming Boise into the Bicycle Capital of America, this year we want transformation by the numbers. We want this to be one of the biggest bicycling days in Boise and prove that we have a community ready to bike and ready to better our bicycle community, safety, and infrastructure.

So, on May 2nd, Idaho Gives, it’s time to ride! This is your day to put your hard work on display, and we want to see EVERYONE biking. On this day, we will be hitting the streets to highlight organizations committed to a 100% Pedal-Powered day. We’ll share things you can accomplish on a bicycle, from conventional to wacky, adventurous and relaxing.

In addition to power in numbers, we are hoping to raise $20,000 on Idaho Gives to keep the wheels rollin’ on our Youth Programming for 2019!


  • Take the Bike-a-Thon Pledge today “I will be 100% pedal powered day on May 2nd!”

  • Start planning your Bike-a-Thon journey (to work, to school, somewhere special!)

  • Tell the others about your plans (video, picture, story…post it!). Your goal is to inspire others to join the Bike-a-thon movement!

  • Share on Instagram and Facebook your biking photos with us on Idaho Gives with the hashtag #PedalPowered4BBP and #IdahoGives!

Bke-a-Thon! It’s May 2nd. It’s time to ride! Don’t forget to post about your journey during Bike-a-thon on May 2nd. Your goal is to inspire at least 3 people to donate $10 or more to BBPs programs.

Donate for Idaho Gives HERE!


For the month of April we will be hosting FREE Friday classes, open to the public, on essentials to get your bike fixed, fitted, and ready to ride for Bike-a-Thon on Idaho Gives, rain or shine!

Friday April Classes

  • April 19: Hit the Road: Advanced and Basic Commuting Techniques

    • BYO-Bike!

  • April 26: Shift Happens: Foul Weather Riding and Emergency Bike Repair

    • BYO-Bike!

Sharing your experience is essential to our mission, as we all have our own personal, social, and environmental reasons for cycling; and we believe that you sharing these benefits with your friends, families, coworkers, and neighbors may inspire them to get started and further our vision to becoming the bicycle capital of America. When we ride together, we build a resilient community, together. Help us accomplish this on Idaho Gives!

Enjoy your 100% pedal powered day, try something new on your bike, inspire THREE other people to ride and donate $10 to BBP!

We will end our day celebrating with a social ride to the BFF Block Party hosted by Lost Grove at 5pm. Details coming soon!

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