A different way to recycle bike parts!

Did you go to Capital City Market’s opening day? I did, and it was a blast! We were lucky to have had a sunny day for it, making for a great day to check out my favorite returning vendors and explore new ones!


Speaking of new ones, I might’ve found my next favorite vendor. Scratch that, I definitely found my new favorite vendor: Biondi Brands by Jennifer Biondi, handcrafted in Hailey, Idaho!

“When I was a child, from the moment my dad let go of my handlebars and told me to keep pedaling, I’ve never once looked back. Biking was my first freedom; and from it, I learned what was important to me; pain, effort, the time it takes to learn to do something well and keep doing it simply because you can. I kept the old chain from my first bike because it meant all of those things to me. I’d put time and miles on that chain, wear and tear, and I knew someday I would use it to create a memory, not add to the landfill.”

-Jennifer Biondi

Jennifer makes jewelry, belt buckles, belts, wallets, key chains, you name it, out of recycled bike parts! Jennifer shares a love for bicycling and for the strength and freedom it has given her since her first ride.

When walking around BBP you might notice chandeliers made of handlebars and chains, or notice how my desk is held together by bike rims, or even the burnt bike parts seen throughout the recycled wood we used for flooring when expanding the upstairs. We also have an art bin dedicated to bike parts that local artists can search through, so we understand that old bike parts aren’t always best for a bike!

I couldn’t help from sharing Jennifer’s beautiful work with you. Not only is the bike theme of her art fantastic, but it is important that our community recognizes those working to divert waste from the landfill.

If you were to spend a day at BBP, you would get an idea of how many bike and parts donations we really get, and it is a lot. Seeing the parts individuals choose to divert from the landfill by donating to us, and then seeing us be able to put most of those donations to use makes me incredibly proud. We’re all making those conscious choices and committing to reducing, reusing, and recycling.

When you choose to shop at BBP, you are making the conscious decision to refuse: the underdog of recycling, and the most important choice. By choosing an upcycled bike, used parts, or fixing up a project bike for future rides, you’re making the decision against letting something rust in the landfill.

This is impact made in the community by you, by artists like Jennifer, by those who choose to donate to BBP instead of throwing things away, and by our rad mechanics who give old bikes a new life.


So, while you are preparing for Idaho Gives and your 100% Pedal-Powered journey for May 2nd, take a practice ride (or joy ride!) to the Capital City market this Saturday and check out Jennifer’s booth. Thank you Jennifer, for sharing your beautiful art with us!