The new wave of youth programming at BBP: welcome to Christa, our new Youth Programs Coordinator

This month, we promoted Christa to the role of Youth Programs Coordinator. I can’t wait for the new future of our youth programming and the possibilities that Christa will create for Boise’s youth. Jimmy has a vision that the future Executive Director of our organization will be the adult version of a BBP child - someone who began their relationship with BBP in one of our youth programs and who had a sustained engagement with us through their teen years and into adulthood. The path of opportunity that we aim to create for each child will lead to a future of leadership and possibility. Christa is the leader who will create that future for us, and for each and every child we serve. -Em

Here is Christa’s vision for BBP’s youth programming, in her own words:

Hello! My name is Christa and I am BBP’s new Youth Programs Coordinator! You may recognize me; I started ‘the BBP life’ as a volunteer in 2017 and joined the team as a mechanic a few months ago because I want to share my love for wrenching on and riding bikes.

BBP is exemplary in the education it offers--its supportive staff and volunteer base not only offer a wealth of bicycle repair knowledge, but we put the wrench in your hands. This is the key to the empowerment I experienced and the empowerment I want to share: you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, whether that’s building a bicycle or building a place for yourself in your city.  


As Youth Programs Coordinator, I am looking forward to:

~ riding BBP’s new Big Dummy cargo bike with Mobile Repair Trailer in tow!

~ growing my own mechanic skills further as I teach kids to wrench

~ fixing up So Many kids bikes with our volunteers

~ creating a new pathway for youth volunteers to grow leadership skills--and earn bikes!

~ hanging out with YOU--the young people who make BBP so fun :)

With pedal-powered motivation,


Christa’s commitment to learning will be the perfect example for BBP’s youth.

Christa’s commitment to learning will be the perfect example for BBP’s youth.