An event on April Fools? Very funny...

We ended 2018 big.

We held our biggest HKBG, giving away over 600 Dream Bikes. We had more volunteers than ever, more work trade recipients, and more bikes of course!
Now, entering our 2019 programming season, we look forward to continuing our efforts to serving the 806 kids that were given bikes in 2018, and the thousands more we've donated to since 2007! Through our Mobile Fix It, Kids Fix It Nights, Youth Earn a Bike and the community our shop provides to youth, we hope to keep our impact rolling throughout 2019 and beyond!

To do this, we need YOU! Yes, you!

So... What are we asking? We are asking you, your family, coworkers, friends, EVERYONE to do us a favor on Idaho Gives Day, May 2nd.

Wanna know the favor? You're gonna have to come to BBP on Monday, April 1st (We're serious!) at 6pm for the BIG REVEAL! We will provide you with more information on our Idaho Gives plan, your role, and answer the long sought question, WTF is Bike-A-Thon?
Plus, you get ONE FREE BEER to enjoy from our friends at Lost Grove Brewing for pledging to fulfill our favor!

The event is FREE and open to the public!