What's Going On With Jimmy?


There are lots of rules about nonprofits and what they can and can not do in regards to supporting political candidates. Some of the consequences of getting it wrong can be big. So I want to make sure I address this early and directly. I am running for City Council this fall, but that does not mean I am leaving the Boise Bicycle Project. If elected, City Council would be a part time job; and I fully intend to keep my position at BBP and pursue our mission of making bicycles, bicycle repair, and education available to the entire community.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, the Boise Bicycle Project cannot promote, support, or endorse any political candidates. That includes candidates from the staff, board, volunteers, and supporters. BBP employees and board members can support anyone they want when they’re not on the clock, not in the building, and not representing the organization. We take this very seriously, have discussed this issue with our staff, and have put systems in place to ensure the integrity of our organization.

We ask that you honor the Boise Bicycle Project, and our dedication to serving the community, by saving political candidate discussions for outside of the shop. We also ask that you help our staff by not putting them in a position to comment about any person's political candidacy.

Here’s a great article about what nonprofits can and can’t do in regards to political campaigns. Please check it out.

Thank you for your tireless commitment to the Boise Bicycle Project and our work to make sure everyone has access to bicycles and the countless opportunities bicycles create.