Your Engagement in Action

Last Wednesday we had our 2018 Annual Impact Meeting. We wanted to focus on two opportunities:

-How we can improve Member Class attendance, and

-How we can improve our Volunteer Orientation and its accessibility to every BBP Supporter.

We divided our attendees into small groups so that we could dig deeper into solutions and next steps. So what exactly came out of the meeting? Read below for the top ideas generated by our small groups!


  • How do we enhance the fun, engagement, and effectiveness of BBP’s Volunteer Orientation experience?

    • Match new volunteers with experienced volunteers to build community and provide general training after the orientation.

    • Implement hands on training activity during Volunteer Orientation.

    • Create a handout for new volunteers to takeaway, including a tool guide explaining what tools are at each workbench and how they are used.

  • How do we build more inclusion and diversity through our Volunteer Orientation and the next two steps of engagement?

    • Host a special Volunteer Night for those looking to improve mechanic skills

    • Outreach our Volunteer Orientation- bring the orientation out into the community to workplaces and activity group meetings!

    • Recruit new volunteers at Mobile Bike Repair sites

  • What are your pie in the sky ideas that would make BBP’s Volunteer Orientation the best on the planet?

    • Create training videos to provide during and after orientation

    • Create an internship program with schools

    • Implement Pop Up BBP shops throughout Treasure Valley


  • What are your ideas to increase ongoing attendance during weekly Member’s Nights?

    • Improve consistent communication to notify members of weekly class theme

    • Create a curriculum of special topics surrounding bicycling

    • Provide different types of classes beyond mechanics instruction: Open shop night, movie night, other non-curriculum based topics

  • What are your ideas to get BBP’s female and 16-30 year old members more engaged with weekly Member Nights?

    • Better advertising of classes that include pictures of female identifying mechanics

    • Women + LGBTQ specific Nights

    • Survey members on their experience with Member Nights

  • What are your pie in the sky ideas that would make BBP’s Member Nights the best on the planet?

    • Guest Mechanics from other bike organizations

    • Incentives for completing a class series

    • Hosting a ride after classes (Would also require moving the class date)

These were the major takeaways we received from members, volunteers, supporters, and maybe even you! With these improvements in mind, we will begin updating our Member and Volunteer programs to better your BBP Experience.

Thank you everyone who came to our Annual Impact Meeting, and thank you to everyone who has continued to support BBP through the years. Couldn’t make it? No worries, we are here to hear you. You are always welcome to contact a BBP staff member regarding a concern, idea or question.