Member's Nights. If they're not fun, why would you show up?

Our Wednesday night Members’ Classes offer you a broad range of education from the bottom of the bicycle to the top. But something’s missing. If something wasn’t missing, then we’d be packing out our classes week over week; and that just isn’t happening. While I stand by our curriculum that puts the power of bicycle education into your hands, I am committed to making our Members’ Night experience something that our members value as worth their time.

Wednesday night means you’re rushing from work or home to get to class on time. Wednesday night means you may already be preoccupied with the rest of the week that’s ahead of you. Wednesday night means fewer people are prone to show up to class because they’re up against the same barriers.

The beauty of a Friday night Members’ Night is that there’s freedom with what happens in class and after class. There’s a community that shows up. There’s connection. There’s fun. Wouldn’t you rather show up on a night where there’s space and time to learn and connect, rather than on a night where you’re rushed to get there, rushed to get home, already thinking about what’s ahead for the week? I know I would.

Beginning this week, we are moving our Members’ Night from Wednesdays back to Fridays, and I am taking a stand that these nights belong on Friday nights, regardless of time of year. There will be no Members’ Night tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th. Instead, Members’ Night will be Friday, March 1; and every Friday after that.

I’m a big fan of consistency, but not when it’s not working. And that’s why I’m unapologetically implementing this change immediately. Aaron, Yann, Jimmy and I have worked together to create a Members’ Night curriculum that excites us, one that leaves lots of space for community, connection, and fun.

So, bring a beverage, bring a friend, plan to attend class and then head out for what’s next. It’s Friday night, so there’s freedom in what’s next. You could head across the alley to Lost Grove, grab a late dinner at Madre, or head out for a night ride in our beautiful city.

Here’s what to expect from Members’ Nights going forward:

Members’ Nights will be every Friday night from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The first Friday of every month will feature some kind of non-traditional event or curriculum. Each additional Friday will be a Members’ Class. Stay tuned for new series and topics!

Friday, March 1: Movie Night! We’re kicking off the return of Friday nights at BBP with a movie. Feel free to bring your own beverages and snacks. I’ll be sure there’s plenty of popcorn popping. Bring a comfy camp chair if you can. We’ll be watching that iconic 80’s movie in which a group of kids ride their bikes to the Oregon coast in search of pirate’s treasure. Hint: it rhymes with the plural name for the Canadian dollar, loonies.

Friday, March 8: New Series—Cool Tools! Class one is Bike Tool Basics

Friday, March 15: New Series—Cool Tools! Class two is Torque and Measurement Tools

Friday, March 22: New Series—Cool Tools! Advanced Tools

Friday, March 29: New Series—Cool Tools! Frame Prep Tools

In April, we’ll be rolling out a series on wheels (see what I did there?…)

I’m so excited for what’s to come with our Members’ Nights. I don’t often have plans on Friday nights, but now I know that I always have plans: there’s education, fellowship and fun waiting for me at BBP. I hope to see you there. -Em

Look how excited Christa is about the return of Friday Night Members’ Nights. Can’t beat that smile!

Look how excited Christa is about the return of Friday Night Members’ Nights. Can’t beat that smile!