BBP Tips to Riding in Winter Weather!

With all this snow and rain, biking can seem like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be! If you’re new to winter riding and curious on where to start, come by BBP and we can help you find your stride. Until then, here are some tips from our staff to inspire you!

  1. Wear brightly colored, protective layers: Rain layers are light and easy to pack, and it’s easy to shake off the moisture once you reach your destination. We recommend visiting our friends at The Outdoor Exchange to find quality, second hand rain gear.

  2. Find some great fenders in our parts room! Our mechanics can teach you how to install them, saving your back from uninvited splashes.

  3. Don’t have a proper bike or tires for snowy riding? We’ve got your back! Upgrade your ride with new tires from our parts room. (If you’re a member, you can order new tires from one of our vendors!). Because the elements can be hard on your bike’s drivetrain, a lot of folks have a dedicated winter ride. Find an inexpensive Project Bike at BBP to turn into your newest winter rider.

  4. Invest in Bar Mitts! I personally use Bar Mitts I got from BBP, and cannot recommend them enough! They are great for extra protection when wearing gloves, and can be comfortably used alone on mild days. (If you’re a member at BBP, you can add Bar Mitts to our Member’s Watch List and get notified when they are donated, or special order them through our vendors and receive a 10% discount!)

  5. Deflate your tires a bit. A lower PSI makes it easier to ride on snow and ice.

  6. Patricia’s tip: Ride with a smile and always have fun!!

We hope to inspire some of you to keep riding this winter!