Thank you for believing!


Last Saturday, many of you joined us to celebrate another successful, impactful, bicycle greasy year!

bbp anniversary dos.jpg

Typically for our Anniversary celebrations, we host a big ol’ dance party at BBP to give thanks and appreciate those who keep our doors open; volunteers, members, donors, staff, board members, shop users and general supporters of our mission. This year we did just that, but we added something new before the Appreciation Party….

A dinner experience at the bike shop!

When I began planning this party I knew I wanted to keep the usual BBP tradition going, but I also considered some of our projects and programming we would be implementing in 2020 and beyond. One major program we would like to begin in 2020 is what we call Project Kickstand, a program at the Men’s Correctional Facility similar to Shifting Gears that happens at the Women’s Correctional Facility.

This is a big project that would provide Veterans in the facility with classes on how to repair bicycles, and upon graduation of the program and release would have the training to apply to bike shops around the United States and receive a free bicycle to provide transportation around the Treasure Valley. Project Kickstand requires about $15,000 to launch the first year, and if successful would be funded by the Correctional Facility for years to come!

This is why we invited 60 people to the shop, some regulars, some new to BBP to share our story, our impact from the past 12 years, and where we would like to focus on in the coming years.

bbp anniversary.jpg

Through the dinner, we are able to raise the $15,000 needed to begin the Project Kickstand! Thank you to dinner guests, donors and new and renewed members who helped us raise the funds. We can’t wait to get rollin’!

Big thanks to dinner sponsors!

Madre Restaraunt for providing dinner FOR FREE!

Cutting Edge Landscape for sponsoring the dinner event

Bittercreek Alehouse for providing wine and the bar to pour em’

Lost Grove Brewing for the delicious beer, as always

Going Bloom for the beautiful centerpieces and donated roses