A Bike Lover's Dream! Adopt-A-Bike Silent Auction at BBP's Appreciation Party

We are excitedly getting ready for this Saturday’s Appreciation Party. While Nina has been assembling all kinds of amazing silent auction items for you, I have been working with a dedicated crew of volunteer bike builders to curate a second silent auction - the Adopt-A-Bike Auction.

Get ready to peruse a fleet of incredible volunteer-built bikes and bid on your favorite ride. It’s all thanks to some pretty dedicated friends of BBP that we’re able to bring you this fleet. On Saturday, you’ll see everything from a vintage cruiser bike to a single speed mountain bike with an elliptical bottom bracket to a classic Specialized Rock Hopper with a color scheme that’ll knock your socks off, and many more!

I’m so proud of and thankful for the following dream-team of builders:

Cass Jones

Mikey Pitts

Wes Labor

Yann LeMorvan

Brad Deteau

Bryan Wilkins

Steve Hardy

Lucky Kelley

Peter Lovera

Rob Fisher

You don’t want to miss this fleet and your opportunity to bid on a one-of-a-kind dream ride, so bring your bike budget with you to the party!I can’t wait to see these beauties ride away to their new homes.