Come n' get it! Silent Auction items at this saturdays celebration

12 years of BBP is equivalent to 20,000+ bicycles diverted from our landfill, over 6,000 bicycles donated to kids in the valley, forever impacting their opportunity and connection to our great city, over 700 members and volunteers that make it all happen, that share their ideas and passion for BBP throughout the community.

The impact Boise Bicycle Project has had on our bicycling community is truly incomprehensible, and as I near the end of my first year as BBP’s Engagement Coordinator, I find myself overwhelmed with this community I feel so lucky to work in.

For these reasons and more, I am so excited for this Saturdays Annual Appreciation Party. I am also so excited to reveal some of the rad Silent Auction items we will have for you during the celebration! I am only highlighting a few, but I assure we got something for everyone. Check out what we got for ya!


Winter Wildlands Alliance

This basket is quite the motherload. This basket includes 2 WWA hats, shirts, a bunch o’ stickers, authentic protective goggle socks, WWA memberships and….

TWO TICKETS TO THE 2019 WILD WEEKEND from October 24th-27th! These tickets get you entrance to the 8th Biennial Grassroots Advocacy Conference, 15th Annual Backcountry Film Festival (one of my favorite festivals in Boise!), and finally the 5th Annual SnowSchool SnowBall: Ski Bum Gala. Holy cow.

We are endlessly grateful to Melinda and the Winter Wildlands Alliance, thank you for supporting BBP!


Roots Zero Waste Market

The next big trend sure ain’t plastic. Fret not, the newly opened and forever awesome Roots Zero Waste will help you with the first steps toward a plastic free lifestyle.

Included in this recycled wood basket is a reusable stainless steel straw set, three different canvas bags so you never have to worry about plastic grocery bags again, and all natural insect repellent and reef safe sunscreen. We guarantee you will have zero guilt winning this basket.


Boise Acupuncture Co-op

Whether mid terms got ya down, pre-holiday stress is sinking in, or just in need of some serious chill time, Boise Acupuncture Co-op got ya covered!

When you win this basket, you get not just one acupuncture treatment, but 4 follow up treatments as well, helping you commit to a seriously chill lifestyle. In addition, you get a beautiful blue shirt to show off to your friends and fam, and a pen to help you write the Boise Acupuncture Co-op a beautiful thank you letter post treatments. Just writing this description calmed me down, imagine how zen you’ll be after winning this basket?


Bicyclist Maintenance Day

Bikin’ all day can be tiring, we have just the way for you to recharge your batteries!

In this basket you receive not one but two gift certificates to the Lunch Box, two gift certificates to Euphoria Salon, a 60 minute massage with Jennifer Dunn, and a $50 gift card to the Reef to top off your day. Nice.

Hold up! This package also includes a locally produces 2020 Firefighters and Puppies/Kittens Calendar to keep your spirits high for the entirety of 2020. Phew!


The Big Barley Basket

If you are lucky, you’ve met our Board Member Mark while supporting Boise Bicycle Project. Perhaps at one of our Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway, Annual Impact Meeting, or really any other event, cause as long as he isn’t fightin’ fires in Nampa, Mark is here.

Anyway, outside of this committed support of BBP and being a Nampa City Firefighter, Mark rocks at making Silent Auction baskets and has donated a Barley Basket.

This basket includes…. you guessed it; barley themed basket! In this beautiful flannel basket is Barley soup, wine, seeds,a specialty beer from Barley Browns, a Barley Browns trucker hat and more!

Big thanks to Mark for creating this unique basket!


Idaho River Sports day

Summer may have ended… but does it ever end in Boise?

NOPE! Thanks to Idaho River Sports, you can have fun in the sun all year long! You and four friends can gear up with 4 new Idaho River Sports hat and a 1 hour pond rental. They’re open on Sunday, so consider this your next Sunday Funday.