Why does the shop floor look different?

Happy new year!

Back in October of last year, we began the process of overhauling our membership program. I messaged you hard about the importance of your membership and about the changes to come.

Let’s look back at the impetus behind the membership overhaul in the first place:

In an effort to increase inclusivity, equality, simplicity and sustainability at BBP, we are creating an overhauled membership program that enhances the BBP experience for all shop users. While prices for some members will increase, we believe additional payment options and benefits will increase overall accessibility and value for the program across the board.

After all of those messages I sent your way and the most successful membership drive we’ve ever had, I’m happy to share that as of January 1, BBP’s new membership program is live. Now each and every member at BBP is a BBP Official Member. So… now what?

In the shop. The biggest change inside our four walls is on the shop floor. The Century Ride bench has been converted into two, distinct benches; and there are now 6 member benches in the shop. We still have 2 walk-in benches; and anyone from the community can pay $12/hour to use the DIY shop. And we’re really excited about our extended volunteer area, with two complete benches, enough space to accommodate our incredible volunteers and our work/trade program.

Your membership dues. As with any big change, there will be some hiccups. Those of you who have opted to put your membership on auto-renew (thank you for making that commitment to us!) will need to create a new membership auto-renew agreement. This is because you would have had either an Alley Cat or a Century Ride membership, which no longer exist; and I don’t have the ability to roll your auto-renew settings over to the Official Membership. Thank you for your understanding.

In the Parts Room. The very nature of our donations policy means that the physical look and feel of our shop space will be ever-changing. It’s one of our most exciting and most challenging opportunities day in and day out. But we truly do have our members in mind when we make decisions about shop organization. We took a few days to reorganize our parts room before reopening for the year. You might feel a little disoriented during your fist visit to the parts room, but we’ll be here to help you find what you need. And we definitely want your feedback about what’s working in there and what’s not.

Member’s Classes. Last summer, we ran a survey asking for member input about Member’s Classes. The resounding feedback was to move Member’s Classes from Friday nights to Wednesday nights. So we did. And since then, our Member’s Classes attendance has been sluggish at best. We take some of the credit for this: since fall, our schedule has been inconsistent; and I’m sure it’s been a challenge for you to know if and when we were holding class. Beginning this Wednesday the 9th, we are committed to hosting our classes for the entire curriculum; and I would lovelovelove to see you in class. We can’t teach great classes if nobody comes. I promise, you’ll have fun, meet new friends, and learn a lot.

Your benefits. The website is up-to-date with all of your new membership benefits; and I can’t wait to work with you to make 2019 an amazing year.