Your Community Transforming Resolution?

BBP giveaway 2018 - 41.jpg

This is a snapshot of our beloved community. A timeless moment of kindness, community and hope from last month’s Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway. Will you make a resolution to be part of this photo in 2019?

It’s officially 2019, and people around the world are making their New Year’s resolutions to "be better" to "improve" to "make changes." A resolution can be defined as the action of solving a problem and/or a firm decision to do or not to do something. For a lot of people a resolution can be a new start or a desire to make this year better than the last. Maybe a resolution is an action plan for hope.

In 2019, we're asking you to please make a resolution to get more involved with the Boise Bicycle Project or another nonprofit in your community.

"I (insert name) am making a choice to create a brighter future for myself, my neighbors, and my community by getting more involved with (insert nonprofit)"

Please consider putting that statement on the top of your resolution/goals list. Then create that "action plan for hope" by including some bullet points (examples below) to show when and how you will work toward that goal. Don't feel like you need to include everyone of these points, but maybe include at least 1 each quarter.

  • Today I will sign up for BBP's Free Spirit Newsletter and set aside this time to read it each week.

  •  Tomorrow I will share this post and my resolution with "this person" that I'd like to spend more time with!

  • This week I will sign up for a volunteer orientation!

  • In January I will go down to BBP and learn to fix my own bike!

  • In February I will go on BBP's Bikin' For Lovin' social ride and invite someone I care about!

  • By March I will save $100 to become a BBP member!

  • In April I will help donate bikes to kids from around the world!

  • In May I will ride my bike to work/school at least 3 times!

  • By June I will have volunteered at 4 volunteer nights!

  • In July I will collect 25 pounds of goatheads in one of BBP's impact neighborhoods!

  • In August I will ride with a friend in the Boise Goathead Fest parade!

  • In September I will help fix bikes for kids at one of BBP's mobile bike repair stops!

  • In October I will celebrate as a Member and Volunteer at BBP's Annual Appreciation Party!

  • In November I will fix a bicycle for a child in the Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway!

  • In December I will look back at this picture and all of my new BBP pictures from 2019 and know I am a beautiful part of this Beloved Community!

Here's the link to subscribe to BBP's newsletter (Step 1).

While we hope BBP is the nonprofit you make part of 2019 resolutions, we've listed a few others and links to get involved below.

Thank you for riding with us in 2018!
Thank you for embarking on the odyssey ahead!

Artisans For Hope

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

KRBX, Radio Boise - 89.9/93.5 FM

Idaho Conservation League…/volunteer-opportunities/

The International Rescue Committee in Boise

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline