Love Will Find a Way (around this Government Shutdown)!

We are now on day 33 of the Government Shutdown, the longest in our history. What does this mean, who does it affect?

You may not be one of the 800,000+ government employees about to miss their 2nd paycheck, you may not be a single parent relying on EBT and/or WIC, a student who needs financial aid to follow their dreams, or a family that has a roof over their head thanks to public housing. But they are your neighbors, family members, coworkers, loved ones. They are a part of our community, a part of your community!

33 days in and the struggle to afford housing, food, childcare and transportation has become more and more difficult, and here at BBP we want to help as much as we can.

Starting today and ending when the shutdown is over, BBP will be offering FREE shop time for Walk-In Bike Repair Services to EVERYONE, no questions asked. Whether you are directly affected by the shutdown or not, shop time is on us. We hope that this will assist with transportation needs, create a welcoming space during a challenging time, and provide vehicle for enjoyment and stress relief.

Walk-In Repair fees account for a solid chunk of our annual budget. To ensure everything stays in the black, we’re asking the community to support us and this initiative by attending our upcoming Bikin' for Lovin' to the Moon and Back! event on February 8th. You can support us through buying Raffle Tickets for some fabulous prizes, mingle with other bike lovers over a generously donated Keg from Lost Grove and tip a buck or two, whatever support you can provide helps Boise become the cycling capital of America.

LOVE for our neighbors, our family, our beloved community is something that can’t be shutdown.

Stay engaged, stay compassionate, Boise!