Saxton Turner


I want your trash, because it can be so much more than carbon in a landfill.  I like to think i can see the potential in junk and Boise Bicycle Project is the perfect place for me to express this reduce/reuse philosophy.  As a shop mechanic I’m paired up with folks who sometimes live off of their bikes and have little choice but to keep them running. Staying within a person’s budget, time frame and mechanical skill level can be challenging but is almost always rewarding.  There’s little in life that feels better to me than seeing someone ride off on a freshly tuned whip, grinning into the wind.

Before I moved to the Project I spent a few years as a welder.  What i learned was that I love fabricating but not much else about the wage-welder lifestyle.  Despite what I tried telling myself, deep down, i knew the whole time that i just wanted to build frames.  BBP is not only the best job I’ve had, I also look at it as my bridge to that dream. I’ve been working on my own bikes since i was 12 but now i can hone in my skills and unlearn some of my bad habits, all while networking with the beautiful folx in this community.

When Im not working I’m usually riding in the foothills with my pups, skating at one of the parks or lounging at home watching some cartoons.  Although I have 10 or so bikes my pride n joy is a ‘96 Trek Calypso I’ve modified to be my commuter, grocery gitter, and trail rig. If ya ever need anything I’m the guy in the shop looking confused, eating a burrito, wearing a beanie above his ears.  

Momento mori,