nina schaeffer

I was born and raised in Boise, with 1.5 years of exploration in Bellingham, WA. My background in the Boise scene begins with the inspiration of my grandparents that were career volunteers with three different organizations. Watching their involvement in our community inspired me at a young age to be just as involved, and today find myself grounded in the foundation of grassroots organization through volunteerism and community involvement.

I am passionate about biking for the connection it gives me to the community, and find Boise Bicycle Project’s dedication to bicycle access and education to be essential in building a strong and inclusive community. I look forward to sharing my dedication to empowering our community, and sharing my commitment to fostering a safe bicycling environment that feels accessible and inclusive to everyone in Boise!

I love staying active in Boise through biking, but can also be found finishing my Urban Studies and Community Development degree at BSU, hiking or walking near the river, playing Ultimate Frisbee, walking around downtown, going to Treefort and finding new events to attend and learn from. My goals in life include living a car free lifestyle, mastering bread baking, and continuing to creating connections and great memories throughout Boise!

I ride a Gary Fisher Utopia Hybrid handed down from my Dad, its my trusty steed that has endured countless adventures throughout Idaho and Washington.