Contact: n@boisebicycleproject.org

N Echon Reyes

outreach & Programs coordinator

A person once told me I was like the person that plays 5 of the 8 roles in an inexperienced student filmmaker’s movie… At the BBP, I somewhat echo that sentiment as the Outreach and Programs Support Coordinator. At the shop, you can find me upstairs with 10 spreadsheets open, editing BBP’s podcast, and developing the communication for the organization. On some days, I am also wrenching on bikes at the same time! I make sure our programs are pedaling smoothly, and that everyone is getting the support they need.


Whatever hat I wear, I try to incorporate the storytelling and community building techniques I have learned through studying Creative Writing & nonprofit management at Boise State University. Through my experience at the BBP, I have seen the power bikes have on social change. Whether that be sharing a story while working on a bike, teaching a kid the difference between “right-tighty, lefty-loosey”, or crunching numbers; I feel like I can share my life’s goal of helping the living enjoy life with everyone...


Besides my “biking hat,” you can find me spewing nonsense at poetry slams, with my camera interviewing strangers, and planting seeds at local gardens/farms! You can always tell who I am by the iconic, “person with the pen perpetually in his hands” look I accidentally have.


Between all of these I ride my 1984 Specialized Stuntjumper Sport, which I got from a member at the BBP and converted to a dirtjumping, bikecamping, touring, grocery hauling, mountain bike that I have already crashed 5 times.