Malcolm Moncheur

Hi! My name is Malcolm. I’m a facilitator/mechanic/educator here at BBP. I fell in love with biking first as a means of transportation in high school, and kept pedaling thanks to how much fun it was. I clocked ever-increasing mileage on a series of old clunkers, exploring Boise while ignoring the many squeaks originating underfoot. Eventually, my love for pedal-powered travel led to a solo cross-country bike trip from Oregon to Virginia in 2014.

As a combination facilitator/mechanic, I’m either the first face you see walking through the door, or the jolly fellow teaching you how to fix your bike. I hope to create an inclusive and enthusiastic shop environment where people learn valuable skills while having lots of fun.

A process engineer by training, I decided to join the BBP team after coming to the realization that none of my prior engineering jobs brought me joy or created positive social change. As a BBP volunteer I fell in love with the shop and our mission, and decided to take a leap towards more purpose-driven work! As an employee, I have the opportunity to work with amazing, kind people who care deeply about their community, which has been an incredible gift.

I have a few life goals: First and foremost, I’m going to (someday) ride my bike around the world. I also want to run 100 miles, pick up Spanish, and learn the banjo.

I currently own three bikes. Gertrude is my dependable iron steed. She’s a Specialized AWOL, and besides safely taking me across the country, she is a bike of many uses, whether commuting, hauling groceries, or hitting the trails.

Sweat stains the aero bars of my second-favorite bike, a trusty Felt S32. It’s seen some of my greatest highs - while racing Ironman Coeur d'Alene, I rode 120 miles with a big ol’ smile plastered on my face thanks to how happy I was. It's also caused some of my greatest lows, like the time I drank an entire bottle of half-and-half after a particularly grueling training ride.

I just finished my first build at BBP: an older Specialized Stumpjumper, which has been an amazing project and is now my trail machine!