Jimmy Hallyburton


My Journey:
I was Born and raised by a dairy farm in rural Boise Idaho, and still remember leaving the driveway on my white and red Murray bicycle for the first time. Freedom!

Immediatley after, I began launching off anything and everything that resembled a jump, and by age 10 that frequent "air time" (mostly the landing time) was forcing me to learn to repair my own bicycle. Empowerment!

For most of my life, my bicycle has delivered me to the places I need/want to go, and has connected me to my community in the process. Connection!

How could I not share that journey?!

So Brian Anderson and I hatched the idea for the Boise Bicycle Project in the summer of 2007 while fighting fires for the Idaho City Hotshots. After the last fire was out in October, we hit the ground running with a Vision of transforming Boise into the Bicycle Capital of America and a Mission of making bicycles, bicycle repair, and bicycle education available to the entire community.

It's been the adventure of a lifetime ever since! The transformative impact that grows everyday is a true testament to power of Boise's grassroots community. We are so lucky. Community!

My Ride:

I pull Ned (BBP's new Shop Dog) in Stanley's (BBP's old Shop Dog) surly trailer to work every morning behind a 90's Ross Minotaur with front and rear baskets. I found the frame in our scrap pile in 2013, and after four years of tinkering and dozens of stem-handlebar combos, I think I've finally got it where I want it. It makes me proud to be riding on a "Re-Made in the BBP" bicycle every day. 

My Plan:
Someday I might run for public office and bring the amazing life lessons I’ve learned from BBP to the political arena.