director of operations

I was born and raised in a southeastern Michigan suburb, relatively close to both Ann Arbor and Detroit. Ever seen Aspen Extreme? Yeah, that’s the place. I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee while in graduate school and after. I always wanted to live out west, so here I am.

I’m so happy at BBP. Every day, I’m honored to spend my time at work the way I do. What’s better than that? Thank you for being a member or a friend of BBP. You are the best.


I am passionate about experiences in the outdoors. I think that breathing in fresh air—whether it’s while walking, hiking, running, or riding—is the best gateway to mindfulness. I live here with my husband Chris and 11-year old (young-at-heart) rescue pup, Linus. I love cooking and hosting parties. I also love to read, especially memoirs and sublime, creepy Southern novels like the ones from Cormac McCarthy.

My goals include publishing a book or a few, adopting another dog, and running the 2019 Detroit Marathon (it will be my 6th marathon) in honor of my father Bill, the greatest man I ever knew.

Most days I’m riding my Surly Cross Check that I built up from the frame (with help from Yann and Ben) with parts sourced from the shop.