director of operations

I was born and raised in the southeastern Michigan suburb of Brighton, relatively close to both Ann Arbor and Detroit. Ever seen Aspen Extreme? Yeah, that’s the place. I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee while in graduate school and after. There’s a part of East Tennessee in my heart that’ll always be home. I always wanted to live out west, so here I am.

What I love most about the bicycle is the opportunity it creates. You’re connected to the world around you in the most simple and most profound way. I’m so happy at BBP. Every day, I’m honored to spend my time at work the way I do—leading our team to do the work we do. Thank you for being a member or a friend of BBP.


I am passionate about experiences in the outdoors. I think that breathing in fresh air—whether it’s while walking, hiking, running, or riding—is the best gateway to mindfulness. I live here with my husband Chris and 11-year old (young-at-heart) rescue pup, Linus. I love cooking and hosting parties. I also love to read, especially memoirs and sublime, creepy Southern novels like the ones from Cormac McCarthy.

My goals include publishing a book or a few, adopting another dog, and traveling all over South America.

Recently I built up my “BBP One-Year Bike” (BBP provides a stipend for a bike build project to employees upon one year of employment). It’s a Scott Boulder from 1987ish. I picked it as a nod to Scott’s Idaho roots (designed in Sun Valley!). Also, it has braze-ons for spoke storage on the chainstay, which I think is about the coolest feature a bike can have. And it’s yellow, my favorite color. When the frame came BBP’s way, it had roller cam brakes, which was going to be problematic because, let’s be honest, it would take forever slash be impossible for me to readjust them. Saxton helped me swap them out to BMX u brakes. Furthermore, Saxton was my guide for the entire build process, patiently letting me check in for the each next step of the build. Other than the brakes, though, I created this beauty by myself. It has pink housing and pedals and really pretty, honey colored grips and a saddle. I added a donated vintage-y rear rack, but I’m still working through the sorts of cargo storage I’ll want in the end. I name my bikes after Mad Men characters. I can’t tell you why. My Surly Crosscheck is named Roger Sterling; and this new yellow beauty of mine is Birdie. I’m proud to ride it around town because it’s all BBP reborn and built.