director of operations

Most days I’m riding my Surly Cross Check that I built up from the frame with parts sourced from the shop. Well… I can’t build a bike by myself, so I was so lucky to have Camille and the guys help me with my project.

I was born and raised in a southeastern Michigan suburb, relatively close to both Ann Arbor and Detroit. Ever seen Aspen Extreme? Yeah, that’s the place. I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee while in graduate school and after. In Tennessee, I fell in love with the mountains, which is probably ultimately what led me out west to Boise.

I’m so happy at BBP. Our team. Our mission. The people we serve. I’m proud of the work I do to serve the people we do. To be honest, they serve me more, in the most magical and fulfilling ways, than I do them. Every day, I’m honored to spend my time at work the way I do. What’s better than that? Thank you for being a member or a friend of BBP. You are the best.


I am passionate about experiences in the outdoors. I think that breathing in fresh air—whether it’s while walking, hiking, running, or riding—is the best gateway to mindfulness; and commuting on my own two feet or two wheels is just about my favorite simple joy. I live here with my husband Chris and almost-11-year old rescue pup, Linus. I love cooking and hosting parties. I also love to read, especially memoirs and old, sublime, creepy Southern novels like the ones from Cormac McCarthy. And if I'm reading in a hammock, then that's even better.

My goals include publishing a book or a few, telling a story at The Moth, eventually rescuing another dog, and running the Detroit Marathon (it will be my 6th marathon) in honor of my father, the greatest man I ever knew.