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Christa Howarth


Though still a recent transplant from Somerset, New Jersey, already I’m rooted in Boise, thanks in large part to my experience volunteering, and now working, at the Boise Bicycle Project.   Here I’ve found fellow bike-commuting comrades, formed connections throughout the city, and gained the skills to maintain my chosen vehicle of transportation—Wompabelle, Specialized RockCombo of ’89, complete with addition of Useful Milk Crate. 

Learning how to patch a flat with Camille planted a seed that grew into building up Wompabelle with Ben Mast, riding 1500 miles to visit thirteen other bicycle co-ops, and landing my dream job with the Boise Bicycle Project.   At the BBP I intend on planting some seeds of my own, to share with You the feeling that you can do anything you set your mind to!

In my past (college) life, I read books about the meaning of human life written by classic philosophers. Now I talk with humans about their life philosophies to find meaning. Classic.

When not biking (almost) everywhere, I love growing plants and especially playing in the dirt. Compost, anyone?! I am working to grow a happier and healthier world, or at least, yard.