Aaron o’Neal

lead mechanic

I get around on my tried and true Surly Cross Check, recently upgraded with a pearlescent fork and golden pedals. You may also spot me atop a resurrected Voodoo Sobo mountain bike, assembled solely with components found right here at the Bike Project.

Although I was born and raised in South King County, WA, I did spend a small portion of my childhood here in Boise, briefly attending Cole Elementary before it was flattened. Since then I've bounced around, living in the East Bay, Southeast Alaska, and Greenwater, WA, doing various odd jobs and meeting inspiring folks along the way.

Now, after obtaining my Bicycle Technician Certification at UBI's Portland campus, I'm here in Boise to promote and partake in our rich bicycling community and what better way to do that than to get involved at Boise's bonafide cycle hub.

I've met so many awesome people already here at 1027 Lusk, but if you're reading this and we haven't met yet, please introduce yourself next time you see me at the shop. I'm excited to get to know everyone and play my part in helping this organization to grow. Cheers!