In an effort to increase inclusivity, equality, simplicity and sustainability at BBP, we are creating an overhauled membership program that enhances the BBP experience for all shop users. While prices for some members will increase, we believe additional payment options and benefits will increase overall accessibility and value for the program across the board.

The Changes

  • Beginning in December 2018 we will be combining Alley Cat and Century Ride into one enhanced Official BBP Membership level at $100/year or $12/month (with a 1 year commitment). At this Official Membership level, all BBP Members will have equal but elevated access to our tools, workbenches, mechanic assistance, and a variety of other benefits.  

  • The current $60/year Alley Cat membership has not seen a price increase since 2012 and currently operates at a net loss that has made it difficult to pay mechanics a livable wage as well as staff a full shop. By increasing the membership price to $100/year BBP will be able bring in an additional +$20,000/year that will be used to increase wages for mechanics, increase mechanic training, and allow us to add an additional mechanic/educator on the floor during all open hours.

  • To increase long term sustainability and increase access for those facing financial barriers, we are also creating a new Sustaining Membership level at 200/year or $17/month. This program offers all of the same benefits as the Official Membership but supports BBP with an additional $50 to our Sustainability Reserve, and $50 into our Membership Scholarship Program.  

In an effort to honor members who’ve supported BBP for so long, we’ll be offering a one time option to renew at the grandfathered rate during the Fall Membership Drive. Regardless of when your membership expires in 2019, you can renew during the Fall Membership Drive for a full calendar year of membership plus the remaining months of your current membership. Look at it as pre-paying for next year’s membership. For example, if your current membership expires in July of 2019, you can renew now for membership through July of 2020.

The Fall Membership Drive kicks off on October 13 and goes through November 18. Visit the shop to sign up or renew!



Why are you increasing the price? In order to enhance the BBP experience and make it equitable for all shop users, BBP needs enhance the access to tools, stands, and empowering education. To sustainably operate a shop with those features, we need a full staff (BBP has been operating 1-2 people down for the last 2 years), and we need to pay them a livable wage that allows them to grow and share their skills at BBP long term.

What if I can’t afford it? We’ve added new monthly payment options for those not able to pay the full price up front. A new scholarship program will make it possible for those without means to pay what they can. BBP also has a punch card program for walk-ins to earn a membership after enough shop visits.  

What about Century Ride Members that were already paying $100/year? The only thing that changes for Century Ride Members is a decrease from the 15% discount to 10% on new purchases and increase to 20% on used purchases. And the additional benefits for everyone.  

Am I grandfathered in at the old rate? You can still renew at your grandfathered rate 1 more time if you renew during the Fall Membership Drive: October 13 - November 18, 2018.

What’s a membership actually worth. The more you use the shop the more it pays off. In 2017 it took members about 3 visits (working on their bike, taking a class, partying with us) to reach a $100 value. Also,  it’s about $75 for a basic tune at a regular bike shop. So anything over 1.25 tune-ups at BBP in a year will cover that $100 cost and then some.

What do you mean by “creating equity within the membership program”? Currently walk-ins, Alley Cat Members, and Century Ride Members all have access to different tools and different levels of service depending on how much they pay. This overhaul will create enhanced but equal access to to BBP’s services for all shop users.

What will those “enhancements” look like? We will be adding 2 new membership benches and increasing the number of tools on all of the existing benches. Tools that have previously been unavailable or only available for an additional charge will now be available to all shop users with mechanic assistance as needed. Additional staff will increase overall access shop services and decrease wait times. Some of the new benefits make possible to share the BBP experience with friends and family members at no cost.

What other options to people have to use the shop.  BBP will maintain work trade programs that allow people to earn shop time/credit by working in the shop. The overhauled membership program will actually allow us to pay work trade at $12/hour vs $10/hour previously. Walk-ins will still be able to use the shop at $12/hour.



Official Member ($100/year or $12/month ($10/month Student)) ($200/year family)

  • Includes unlimited access to all membership benches and tools. 2 additional stands and new tools will be added in January 2019.

    • Value: $12/hour of shop time, $75 for 1 tune a regular bike shop

  • 20% discount on USED purchases. 10% on NEW purchases

    • Value: $1 saved for every $10 spent

  • Special order access for new parts

    • Value 10% off retail

  • Unlimited Weekly Members Classes (Wed 6:30 - 8pm Sept - May)

    • Value: $25 per class

  • Members Watch List

    • Value First dibs as donations come in

  • Access to BBP Library. Includes books, tools, repair stands, and bike parking. Bicycles and trailers coming soon.

    • Value: $25/bike or trailer checked out per day

  • Conference/Classroom booking

    • Value: $10 per hour booked

  • Official Membership Tag and Sticker

    • Value: BBP Pride!

  • Free beverages at Annual Appreciation Party

    • Value: $5 per beverage consumed

  • Free frame at 1 year renewal (or next time you renew if you haven’t already received your 1 year free frame)

    • Value: $25-$75

  • 2 guest passes to be used during Weekly Member Classes

    • Value: $25 each

  • $10 Used Bike/Part Certificate

    • Value: Uh, $10

  • Spare tube for 1 of your bicycles

    • Value: $5-10


Sustaining Member ($200/year or $17/month)

  • Includes all benefits above

  • $50 of membership fee to go to BBP’s reserve fund

  • $50 of membership fee goes to membership scholarship fund

  • Sustaining Member Tag and Sticker