Our vision

We believe that Boise has the potential to be the cycling capital of America and envision the Boise Bicycle Project as one of the key community leaders to help it reach that potential.

We've experienced the quality of life enhancing benefits that bicycling can provide. Through education and access to quality affordable bicycles, we are doing our part in making Boise a better place to live each and everyday.

We believe the bicycle can be a tool to create positive social change. By collaborating with other like minded organizations and members in the community, we hope to strengthen lives far beyond the bicycle. 

Bicycling is a wonderful way to make our community more livable, improve our air quality and help our residents stay healthy.
— Boise Mayor David Bieter

Our history

Ideas for a nonprofit bicycle cooperative that could/would change the face of Boise's bicycling culture began on the side of a blazing mountain in the summer of 2007 (worst wildfire season in US History). In Oct 2007, BBP became official when hotshot firefighters, Brian Anderson and Jimmy Hallyburton, called their first meeting to order. On the agenda, "How can we make bicycles and bicycle education available to the entire community?"

Within months, BBP out grew the small studio apartment it was operating out of, and moved into the old Boise Rescue Mission. Despite no heat, AC, or running water, 100s of volunteers gathered each week to prepare kids bikes for donations, help the community with bicycle repair, and learn from BBP's maintenance classes.  

In 2009, BBP out grew its building again, and after organizing a massive "human powered bike move," transferred the contents of the entire shop to its current location on Lusk St. Yes, all by human power (walking or riding).

The new, not condemned, building on Lusk St. skyrocketed BBP into the forefront of the bicycle community. Within 2 months, the shop became open to the public on a full time basis, and enabled BBP to hire it's first 3 employees. With the help of over 800 volunteers BBP was soon recycling  1000s of bicycles back into the community, and empowering countless people with bicycle repair and safety skills each year.  

In 2011, BBP began an epic campaign to purchase it's building and establish itself as a permanent fixture in Boise's cycling community... 


Located at 1027 S Lusk St, BBP is 200 yards from the Boise Green Belt (Boise's largest bikeway), 1 block from Boise State University, 1/2 mile from downtown Boise, and borders the Ann Morrison Park (the county's largest park).

In 2011, BBP's Board of Directors saw a window of opportunity to purchase its building and establish itself as a permanent fixture in Boise's bicycling community.  Without delay, a "Biking to Buy the Building" capital campaign was launched with a goal to raise $115,000 by October.

After an epic summer with countless events, and unbelievable support from the community, BBP celebrated it's 4 year anniversary party with $119,000 bursting from the fundraising thermometer. A week later BBP purchased it's building with a $100,000 down payment!     

We hope you stop by, so we can tell you more about our plans to make Boise the most bikable city in the country.