HIring: SHop OPerations Manager


About The Boise Bicycle Project

The Boise Bicycle Project (BBP) is a non-profit bicycle cooperative that creates opportunities for empowerment, education, and social change through bicycles and bicycle repair. As nonprofit, we repair bicycles donated from the community and redistribute them through our charitable programs and affordable bike sales. As a cooperative, we teach the community how to repair their own bicycles in our shared use shop space. Our charitable programs seek to make bicycles, and bicycle repair/safety education available to the entire community regardless of income.

BBP’s many charitable programs are made possible by its community oriented shop operations. The shop operations manager’s job is to keep BBP’s dynamic shop operations beneficial and sustainable in the community, while generating income to fund BBP’s charitable programs.


The Job

This section used to be a full list of duties and responsibilities that ranged from “Overseeing Shop Operations” to “Employee Management” to “Reporting.” The list was fine, but the same list could have been used for someone applying to “insert store name here.” We’re looking for someone who can do more than check off a list, we’re looking for someone motivated by purpose and fueled by impact.

So here’s the deal on “Job Duties”

  • BBP has 16 very diverse employees. Some of them have thick accents. Some of them have strong personalities. All of them have transformed the lives of others and have experienced the opportunities and connection a bicycle can create. The Shop Manager will organize, direct, and inspire these folks, while giving them an opportunity to create impact every day.
  • BBP is the busiest bike shop in Boise. We have over 500 members, over 500 volunteers, and another 1300 folks who use the shop annually. Our goal is to make sure every one of these people leave empowered, able to connect to the next leg of their journey, and excited to ride back to BBP when the time comes. 
  •  BBP has refurbished and distributed over 10,000 bicycles in the last 9 years. Even though 99.9% of these bikes are used, we hold their functionality and sustainability to the same standard (maybe higher) as a $2000 Trek. These bikes will be used to connect individuals to life-enhancing opportunities in the community, and the Shop Manager’s job is to ensure each bike has that capability.



  •  Believe in mission and the transformative power of the bicycle. Read BBP’s mission. If it strongly resonates with you, then you’ve got the most important qualification.
  • Kindness. The second most important quality (almost tied with the first) is to be tenaciously patient and persistently kind.  
  • Great communication skills, highly organized, and inwardly driven to be better at both. By nature BBP is a dynamic place. Aspects evolve as needs in the community evolve, and aspects stay the same as the core values remain timeless. To communicate and remain organized, a qualified candidate will need to be self-driven in evaluating and building these skills continually. 
  • Bicycle Repair Skills a major plus, but not required.
  • Teaching skills absolutely required. 
  • Experience in a bike shop or retail environment is a plus.
  • Must like kids and dogs.    



$28,000-$30,000 Starting salary, based around 40 hour workweek. Benefits include Health Insurance, Commuter Support Program, Paid Vacation, Sick Leave, and Retirement.


How to Apply

Email your resume, cover letter (in your cover letter, please address how you identify with BBP’s mission statement), and three work related references with contact info to jimmy@boisebicycleproject.org. Position open until filled; applications received by August 12th will receive priority consideration.


Message and Advice From Previous Shop Manager- Cass Jones

“BBP is a bustling hub of creativity and empowerment. At times things will become overwhelming and it's easy to just start going into auto pilot. When things start getting crazy, just take a step back, focus on BBP's mission, and give each and every customer that experience they will never forget. I know I will never forget all of the amazing people I got to work with at BBP.”