Kids Fix-It Night and Why It Matters

Kids Fix-It Night:    Thursday, Feb. 18.    6-8pm

Thursday night, we will open the doors of our regular Volunteer Night for an evening of no-charge, volunteer-assisted kids bike repair.  Many of the kids who receive a bike in one of our giveaways don't have access to the tools, parts or supplies needed to keep their bikes rolling.  Our volunteers will fix lots of flats, replace heaps of bald tires, lube miles of squeaky chain and pass out a limitless number of high-fives!  This may sound like trivial work to some.  Let me assure you that it is not.

Many of these kids have endured some very difficult circumstances.  A significant number of them come from refugee families.  It is hard to imagine the hardship they may have seen in their young lives.  For each of those kids, their bicycle is a potential source of joy, empowerment and freedom.  It is a complete good.  If you're reading this, you probably already understand the power of the bicycle.  These Kids Fix-It Nights are a unique opportunity to share that understanding with some kids who may never grasp it otherwise.  That is a big freaking deal.

There is a great deal of negativity at large in the world right now, maybe more than ever.  In times like these we must redouble our efforts to work for what is good and right rather than fighting or denying what is bad or evil.  I'm reminded of David Oates' 2009 essay, "What We Love Will Save Us," where he writes,

"We must stand on what we love - live it, be it and bring it. And not waste time in the other direction, preaching up devil and denunciation."

At the BBP, we stand on our love of the bicycle and what it can do for us, individually and as a society.  We can only keep moving forward, pushing for a better future.  Energy expended in anger is wasted.  It robs momentum from the movement towards the "right and beautiful world" that we want for our children.  To quote Oates again,

"We don't need so much to counter other people's errors as to bring the joy of that right and beautiful world: what we desire for our planet and ourselves. What we are doing instead of hating and denying and bombing."

We've got to "bring the joy" ourselves.  We can't expect anyone else to do it for us.  We're not going to absorb it from the news or the entertainments that distract us.  We have to find it within ourselves and our communities.  Once we plant the seed, it continues to grow.  We just have to nourish it.  How do we do that?

"Our job is to work on what we love. Daily. In detail. With precision and determination."

This is our job.  This what we do every day at the BBP and I'm glad you're a part of it.  387 kids received a bicycle, helmet, light set, lock and safety class at our 2015 Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway.  Every one of those bicycles could be the gift that transforms that young person's life.  Heck, if we do our job right that bike can be passed down from kid to kid, ad-infinitum until the wheels come off!  Consider the impact those 387 bikes can have!  Now we have to keep them on the road!

If you want to remind yourself what that impact looks like, come down to the shop tomorrow night and help us make the world a better place.  Thanks for reading.