Join the Kids Bike First Responders!

Our annual Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway is on Saturday, December 19, less than two months away!  Our goal is to give away 300 bikes on that one day, so we've got our work cut out for us!  The Volunteer Crew has done an impressive job getting bikes serviced and ready for our Kids BASHes throughout the summer but now we've got to elevate our game.  We have under eight weeks to repair at least 325 bikes and meet the demand!  That adds up to about 40 bikes per week!  To stay on pace and hit that target, we're going to need the Kids Bike Repair machine running at maximum capacity! 

 Volunteer mechanics rocking on some kids bikes at Volunteer Night (Tue. & Thur., 6-8pm).

Volunteer mechanics rocking on some kids bikes at Volunteer Night (Tue. & Thur., 6-8pm).

To this end, we are recruiting a group of elite volunteer mechanics to ensure that each bike is repaired accurately and efficiently.  The members of this crack team will be known as Kids Bike First Responders and will anchor our efforts in preparing bikes for the Christmas Giveaway.  Strong mechanical skills, keen attention to detail and a sense of pride in your work are key qualities that all applicants should have.

Ready to join the team?  All you have to do is pass the test!  Repair two bikes (one with a singlespeed coaster brake, one with derailleur and hand brakes) within the allotted time.  We'll check your work and deduct points for each missed step or inaccurate adjustment.  The passing score is 80%, so the stakes are pretty high!  If you successfully complete the certification you'll earn the title of Kids Bike First Responder and the KBFR Badge to wear on your shop apron or nametag. 


Think you're ready for the challenge?  Take a look at the Kids Bike First Responder Testing Form by clicking the link.  Be sure you're familiar with all the terms, tools and techniques listed next to each check-box.  Once you're ready, come down to the shop during Volunteer Night (Tue & Thurs, 6-8pm) or during open shop time.  Select your test bike, we'll start the clock and turn you loose to give it your best shot! 

I'm excited to build a team of elite Volunteer Mechanics who can help maintain and elevate BBP's standards of quality, assist with training of newer volunteers and be recognized for their contribution.  I hope you're ready to pass the test and join the First Responders!

In the meantime, keep those wrenches turning and thanks for reading!